dr. Gerard van der Ree
Assistant Professor

Social Science - Fellows and Instructors
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My field of expertise is International Relations (IR) theory and comparative methodology, interdisciplinarity, philosophy of science, and Latin American Studies.  I currently work on issues regarding phenomenology, epistemology and reflexivity in IR. 

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All publications
  2017 - Professional publications
Overmans, J.F.A., Bakker, W.E., van Zeeland, Y.R.A., van der Ree, G., Jeuring, J.T., van Mil, M.H.W., Glas, M.A.J., van de Grint, E.J.M., Bastings, M.A.S., de Smale, S. & Dictus, W.J.A.G. (2017). The value of simulations and games for tertiary education. (62 p.). Utrecht Univerity.
  2016 - Other output
van der Ree, G., Bastings, M.A.S., Glas, M.A.J., van den Hoven, M.A. & Loyens, K.M. (2016). EthiCo.
  2010 - Scholarly publications
van der Ree, G. (2010). Chile’s (Inter)National Identities:Framing the Relations with Bolivia and Peru. Bulletin of Latin American Research, 29 (2), (pp. 208-223) (16 p.).
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Completed projects

Simulation games in tertiary education 01.05.2014 to 31.08.2016
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Other: Education innovation fund
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