Research interests:

Incomplete data problems, optimization, machine learning and social physics

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Curriculum vitae


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All publications
  2016 - Articles
Thijssen, Jill, Vink, G., Muris, Peter & de Ruiter, Corine (2016). The effectiveness of parent management training—oregon model in clinically referred children with externalizing behavior problems in the netherlands. Child psychiatry and human development, (pp. 1-15) (15 p.).
  2016 - Lectures
G. Vink (13.01.2016). 7th Mplus Users meeting: Bayesian Statistics with Mplus.
  2015 - Articles
Peeters, Margot, Zondervan-Zwijnenburg, M. A. J., Vink, Gerko & van de Schoot, Rens (04.07.2015). How to handle missing data - A comparison of different approaches. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 12 (4), (pp. 377-394) (18 p.).
Vink, Gerko, Lazendic, Goran & van Buuren, Stef (21.12.2015). Partioned predictive mean matching as a large data multilevel imputation technique. Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 57 (4), (pp. 577-594) (18 p.).
  2015 - Reports
Vink, G. & van Buuren, S. (2015). Multiple imputation of Parent Management Training Oregon model data. Maastricht: Maastricht University.
  2015 - Lectures
G. Vink (17.06.2015). Handling missing data in R with MICE pre-conference tutorial. MissData 2015 Conference.
G. Vink (07.04.2015). Pre-conference course Working with R: a full day crash-course. International Multilevel Conference.
G. Vink (23.08.2015). Pre-conference workshop Applied multiple imputation in R together with Stef van Buuren. 36th Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics.
G. Vink (12.11.2015). Why ignoring your missing data may get you “tar-and-feathered” (and how to avoid this ridicule). Social Sciences M&S Power Snacks.
  2014 - Articles
Sorbi, Marjolijn, Kleiboer, Annet, van Silfhout, Marieke, Vink, G & Passchier, J (16.09.2014). Medium-term effectiveness of online behavioral training in migraine self-management - A randomized trial controlled over 10 months. Cephalalgia (11 p.). © International Headache Society 2014 Reprints and permissions:
Vink, Gerko & Buuren, Stef van (30.09.2014). Pooling multiple imputations when the sample happens to be the population. 6 pages, 1 figure, 1 table.
Vink, Gerko, Frank, Laurence E., Pannekoek, Jeroen & van Buuren, Stef (2014). Predictive mean matching imputation of semicontinuous variables. Statistica Neerlandica, 68 (1), (pp. 61-90) (30 p.).
  2014 - Lectures
G. Vink (23.07.2014). EAM conference.
G. Vink (19.05.2014). Multiple imputation als een alternatief voor wegen.
  2013 - Articles
Vink, G. & van Buuren, S. (2013). Multiple Imputation of Squared Terms. Sociological Methods and Research, 42 (4), (pp. 598-607) (10 p.).
  2013 - Reports
Vink, G. & van Buuren, S. (2013). Multiple imputation of longitudinal NAPLAN data. Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.
Vink, Gerko & van Buuren, Stef (2013). Report on Bayesian estimation of social educational advantage. Sydney: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.
Vink, Gerko, van Buuren, Stef & Hox, Joop (2013). Report on imputation of the ACARA data. Sydney: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.
  2010 - Reports
Banning, Reinder & Vink, Gerko (01.12.2010). Methoden en indicatoren voor het evalueren en beschrijven van controle- en correctieprocessen. (30 p.). Interne CBS Nota: Statistics Netherlands.
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Completed projects

Restrictive Imputation of Incomplete Survey Data 01.09.2009 to 31.08.2014
General project description

4 year project that includes four studies: 

1) Imputing semicontinuously distributed data. 

2) Imputing data under row restrictions. 

3) Imputing data under column restrictions. 

5) Quality and evaluation of imputations

Role PhD Candidate Funding
No information available
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Dr. Jeroen Pannekoek (CBS)
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Current undergraduate courses
Missing Data Theory and Causal Effects [Course coordinator] 
Methods & Statistics 2, Utrecht University
Conducting a Survey
Applied Multivariate Statistics

Current graduate courses
Research Seminar I @ Utrecht University

Current postgraduate courses
Multiple Imputation in Practice [Course coordinator] 
Statistical Programming in R [Course coordinator]
Advanced Issues in Survey Design and Analysis 

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Additional functions and activities

Adjunct associate research scholar @ Columbia University, New York, USA

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Full name
dr. G. Vink Contact details
Sjoerd Groenmangebouw

Padualaan 14
Room B.110
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 7982
Postal address
Padualaan 14
3584 CH    UTRECHT
The Netherlands
Mo Tue Wed Thu Fr

030-253 9140

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