Prof. dr. Gellof Kanselaar

Emeritus Professor

 Gellof Kanselaar (1942) studied experimental psychology in Utrecht from 1966 to 1972.
He gained his PhD thesis in 1983 in Psychology.
From 1988 to 2006 he was full professor at the University of Utrecht in the department of Educational Sciences, particularly in educational psychology and ICT in education. From 2006 to 2009 he was honorary professor and professor emeritus since then.
He was director of the research institute ICO-ISOR until his retirement. He led several research projects funded by NWO (Nat. Science Foundation), including in the field of collaborative learning with ICT (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, CSCL), problem solving, computer applications in the field of education in mathematics, physics and languages. He guided as a promotor 16 PhD students and participated in more than 50 scientific publications since 2000.
He has held various management functions in national and international scientific organizations, including member of the Executive Board of the SVO (nat. foundation for educational research), president of the National Association of Educational Research (VOR), member of the national management team of the Research School ICO, organizer of master classes and international summer schools, member of the committee Psychology of Education of the Belgian FWO (Nat. Science Foundation) until early 2005, member of organizing committees of national and international conferences, including the first European Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (Euro-CSCL), the CSCL conference in 2005 in Taiwan and the conference of the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) in 2008 in Utrecht. He was chair of several assessment committees of grants of the Nat. Science Foundation (NWO). He was member of the evaluation commission of the Institut für Wissensmedien in Tübingen in February 2006, member of assessment panels to assess the quality of university programmes, e.g. Pedagogical and Educational Sciences in Flanders in 2006, Informatics and Computer Science in Flanders in 2010 and Psychology (Universities in the Netherlands) 2011-2012. Chair and member of assessment committees of the NRO/NWO.

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Instructional psychology and ICT in education
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