Geertje Agricola MSc

Universiteitsbibliotheek Uithof
Heidelberglaan 3
Kamer 201
3584 CS Utrecht

Geertje Agricola MSc

Project Manager
+31 6 14 244 004

Geertje Agricola is an educational consultant at Educate-it. 
Her focus area is the process of realizing educational innovation, together with teachers, by implementing innovative digital education applications. She is also responsible for the evaluation of educational innovation projects and their value for the learning process. 


Within the Student & Academic Affairs Office, she is responsible for the theme 'sustainability in education'. On this topic, she works in close cooperation with the program Sustainability.


Educate-it works UU-wide on innovating and strengthening education with technology. Educate-it supports teachers who take the initiative to renew their own education, both in (re)designing their courses by incorporating the teaching methods and ideas of blended learning, and in the use of educational tools whose added value for education has already been established by other UU teachers. Here we work as much as possible in an evidence-informed way. In addition Educate-it works on innovation projects aimed at the future of education. Educate-it is a partner in the Centre for Academic Teaching.