Prof. dr. ir. Georg Frerks

History of International Relations



The Sri Lanka UpdateG.E. Frerks (Organiser)
30 Nov 2018
Workshop ‘Politics, Governance and Civilian Agency during Armed Conflict’, European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS)Georg Frerks (Organiser)
6 Jun 20188 Jun 2018
, Workshop ‘Politics, Governance and Civilian Agency during Armed Conflict’, European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS)
Roundtable on ‘The EU engagement with Sri Lanka during the Sri Lankan Conflict’Georg Frerks (Organiser)
26 Apr 2018
Roundtable on ‘Rebel Governance, Legitimacy and Civilian Agency in the Northeast during the Sri Lankan Conflict’Georg Frerks (Organiser)
25 Apr 2018


Training on Inclusive & Participatory Research Methodologies (IPRM)G.E. Frerks (Advisor)
9 Aug 201713 Aug 2017
Policy Dialogue: European Union Security Sector Reform Missions in Mali and AfghanistanGeorg Frerks (Organiser)
17 May 2017
Pathways to Inclusive Conflict Prevention from a Research and Practice PerspectiveGeorg Frerks (Organiser)
17 May 2017
Final Conference, WOSCAP project,Georg Frerks (Participant)
20 Jan 2017
Comparative and Synthetic Analysis Workshop’Georg Frerks (Organiser)
18 Jan 201719 Jan 2017


Mediationcongres Macht en mediationG.E. Frerks (Organiser)
11 Oct 2016


Presentation on StatebuildingGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
28 Jul 2015
‘Common Effort’, exercise 1st Joint German-Netherlands CorpsGeorg Frerks (Participant)
18 May 201521 May 2015
Nationaal Vrijheidsdebat 5 Mei 2015 Georg Frerks (Chair)
5 May 2015
Centre for Poverty Analysis (External organisation)Georg Frerks (Member)


Conference Remote Control, Violence, Containment, TechnologyGeorg Frerks (Chair)
13 Dec 2014
Conference Remote Control, Violence, Containment, TechnologyGeorg Frerks (Participant)
12 Dec 2014
• Paper presentation ‘Maneuvering War .The position of the Burghers from Sri Lanka’s East Coast during the conflict between the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
11 Dec 2014
, Sri Lanka Round Table
Conference ‘Setting a progressive United Nations peace and security agenda: searching for new narrativesGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
10 Nov 2014
Expert meeting ‘Humanitarian interventions’ (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
30 Oct 2014
, Expert meeting ‘Humanitarian interventions’
Roundtable ‘Rampen op het snijvlak van wetenschap, beleid en samenleving: een exploratie van uitdagingen en oplossingen’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
9 Oct 2014
Congress ‘De mediator: van procesbegeleider naar inhoudsdeskundige?Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
7 Oct 2014
brainstorm session organised by Member of Dutch Parliament (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
22 Sept 2014
, brainstorm session organised by Member of Dutch Parliament
First discussantGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
11 Sept 2014
, Final conference of the IS Academy Security in fragile states
• Lecture “Post-conflict developments: meeting new challenges”Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
2 Sept 2014
, Training programme in international, regional relations and diplomatic practice
Fourth International Symposium ‘Emerging Trends & Challenges on Sustainable Development’Georg Frerks (Keynote speaker)
2 Aug 2014
• Presentation on StatebuildingGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
29 Jul 2014
, • Presentation on Statebuilding, Café d’Été, Summerschool UU
seminar ‘Rights, reform and politics in Sri Lanka’Georg Frerks (Participant)
18 Jun 2014
• Presentatie over 'Management of Peace'Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
3 Jun 2014
, • Presentatie, Management of Peace,Comité Herdenking Capitulaties Wageningen 1945
• Speech on ‘Conflict prevention, early warning and early action’ Valedictory Symposium prof. GrunfeldGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
23 May 2014
Panel memberGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
22 May 2014
, International Learning Conference on Civil Society Protection of Women Human Rights Defenders in Conflict Situations
• Introductory Speech, ‘Meet the Professionals Day’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
8 May 2014
seminar ‘What the New Deal can learn from the human security approach’Georg Frerks (Participant)
7 May 2014
• Chair Nationaal Vrijheidsdebat 5 Mei ‘Meer veiligheid, minder vrijheid: privacy als wisselgeld?, Georg Frerks (Chair)
5 May 2014
• Guest lecture Masterclass Datajournalism ‘Women Peacebuilders’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
11 Feb 2014
, Masterclass Datajournalism ‘Women Peacebuilders’, Utrecht University
International Management Meeting (country directors and management team), ZOA (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
, International Management Meeting (country directors and management team), ZOA
• Guest Lecture ‘Gender, peace and conflict’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
, • Guest Lecture ‘Gender, peace and conflict’, course Contemporary Security
Fondsenwerving (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
2014 → …
, Fondsenwerving
• Congress ‘De mediator: van procesbegeleider naar inhoudsdeskundige?’Georg Frerks (Organiser)


Sri Lanka Studies: a discursive approach to development and conflictGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
17 Dec 2013
, 2nd prof. Ranaweera Banda Memorial Lecture (University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka)
Making retrospective sense of life under the LTTE: a comparative study on rebel governanceGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
24 Oct 2013
, Symposium ‘Contested rule, gender and land in Sri Lanka (University of Zürich)
Civiel Militaire Interactie NLDA (Breda)(Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
1 Jan 2013
, Civiel Militaire Interactie NLDA (Breda)
Research Funding Organisation (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
2013 → …
, Research Funding Organisation


The Role of Higher Education in Sri Lanka’s Post-War Situation, Convocation AddressGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
20 May 2012
, 7th General Convocation – 2012 (Oluvil, Sri Lanka)


The renewed relevance of people-centred security approachesGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
20 Mar 2011
, Conference ‘Critical World Issues’, Initiatives of Change


Paper ‘Realizing the Promise of International Conflict Mediation – Potentials and Constraints’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
29 Nov 2010
, International Conference on Mediation ‘Future and Potentials of Mediation with Special Reference to Asia and Indonesia
Keynote ‘Between the devil and the deep blue see: the impact of local politics and violence on humanitarian action’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
28 Sept 2010
, Osaka University Forum 2010 ‘Globalization and conflict, entanglement between local and cosmopolitan orientations’, organised by Osaka University and Groningen University (Groningen)
Paper ‘Human Security, Peace and Development’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
7 Aug 2010
, International Conference on ‘Eliminating Hunger and Poverty’, organised by the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Paper ‘Engagement, disengagement or re-engagement; dilemma’s of donor post-conditionality’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
27 May 2010
, International Academic Roundtable ‘Sri Lanka in Transition’, co-organised by the Centre for Conflict Studies and the University of Zürich, Switzerland (Utrecht)
Key-note ‘Preventieve mediation’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
20 Apr 2010
, Conference “Preventieve mediation’, co-organised by Utrecht University and the Utrecht Hogeschool


CongresGeorg Frerks (Organiser)
21 Apr 2009
workshopGeorg Frerks (Organiser)
11 Feb 2009
Projectleider: Impact of Humanitarian Assistance on Livelihoods affected by Humanitarian Crisis in UgandaGeorg Frerks (Organiser)
onderzoekschool (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
2009 → …
, onderzoekschool
Deelname aan modules in research master African studiesGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
2009 → …
Co-projectleider: PSD Network Millennium AccordsGeorg Frerks (Organiser)
Contemporary and International Conflcit ManagementGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
2009 → …
, twee-weekse Summerschool, module S
A Research Manual for the Study on the Impact of Humanitarian Assistance on Livelihoods Affected by Humanitarian Crisis in Uganda: An Analysis of Communities’ and Humanitarian Actors’ Perspectives of the Socio-cultural Impact of Humanitarian Assistance.Georg Frerks (Contributor)
2009 → …
, Research Manual for an impact assessment of humanitarian aid on the livelihoods and socio-cultural dynamics of the Acholi and Lango regions in Northern Uganda
Adviescommissie (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
2009 → …
, Adviescommissie
1-weekly module Bad and Good Governance, European Peace UniversityGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
2009 → …


Dealing with Culture in Conflict, Cutting the Gordian KnotGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
5 Oct 2008
, World Conference on Humanitarian Studies
Gender, women and violence’Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
7 Aug 2008
, International Centre of Ethnic Studies Conference ‘Coexistence in a Pluralistic Society
Disasters, Politics and Conflict: the Tsunami Response in Sri LankaGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
10 Apr 2008
, International Symposium ‘A Dynamic Approach to the Mitigation of Natural Disasters’ (Calgary, Canada, University of Calgary)


Promoting Human Security: To Securitise or to De-securitiseGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
22 Oct 2007
, 57th Pugwash Annual Conference


Human SecurityGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
12 Nov 2006
, 56th Pugwash Conference
The Nexus Conflict, Development and PeacebuildingGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
15 Jun 2006
, Conference ‘Environment and Development Studies', Norwegian University of Life Sciences


New Security Challenges: Broadening the Pugwash Agenda?Georg Frerks (Invited speaker)
25 Jul 2005
, 55th Pugwash Conference
Workshop on Post-tsunami Asia: Early Warning, Relief, Reconstruction and Peace Process, University of OxfordGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
11 Jun 2005


Development and Disaster, Social Science Perspectives on Disaster ManagementGeorg Frerks (Invited speaker)
26 Feb 2004
, Seminar on Disaster Medicine, University of Witwatersrand


Participation in development activities at the local level: case studies from a Sri Lankan village (Event)Georg Frerks (Member)
1991 → …
, Participation in development activities at the local level: case studies from a Sri Lankan village