Drs. Trude Oorschot

Muntstraat 2-2a
Muntstraat 2-2A
Kamer 0.03
3512 EV Utrecht

Drs. Trude Oorschot

Research Coordinator
Research Coordination
+31 30 253 8319

The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG) provides a national platform for gender research and teaching by faculty members from various Dutch universities. It offers a highly successful training programme and environment for national and international (post)graduate and PhD students since 1995. The NOG, hosted at Utrecht University, is also involved in various European and international projects. While organized as a national platform the NOG functions as a top European programme and plays a central role in European cooperation on research and training in the area of Gender Studies. It has an excellent, long-standing international reputation for its pioneering work in the field of literary, cultural, philosophical, anthropological and epistemological Gender Studies. It offers one of Europe’s most advanced interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes in the humanities, with a core curriculum on feminist theory, issues of difference and diversity, gender, postcolonialism and multiculturalism.

Trude Oorschot is the coordinator of the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies. In this capacity she coordinates the national curriculum for PhD candidates and Research Master students. Furthermore, she supports the director, school board and curriculum committee in organizational and policy matters.

In addition, she supports the Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP) at Utrecht University. GGeP is responsible for two minors, the Master Gender Studies, the Research Master Gender Studies and the Erasmus Mundus Master in Gender and Women’s Studies GEMMA.