I am an Assistant Professor working in the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication and the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS. My research focuses on computational models of language acquisition. In particular, I investigate how infants learn the sound categories (consonants and vowels) and sound combinations (phonotactics) of their native language. I use a multifaceted approach which involves analyses of speech addressed to infants, computer simulations of language learning mechanisms, and psycholinguistic experiments with human language learners.

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Recent publications:

Kastner, I., & Adriaans, F. (in press) Linguistic constraints on statistical word segmentation: the role of consonants in Arabic and English. To appear in Cognitive Science.

Adriaans, F., & Swingley, D. (2017). Prosodic exaggeration within infant-directed speech: Consequences for vowel learnability. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 141 (5), 3070-3078. DOI:

Adriaans, F., & Kager, R. (2017). Learning novel phonotactics from exposure to continuous speech. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology, 8(1): 12, 1-14. DOI:

Whang, J., & Adriaans, F. (2017). Phonotactics and alternations in the acquisition of Japanese high vowel reduction. In M. LaMendola & J. Scott (Ed.), 730-743. Proceedings of the 41st annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (pp. 730-743). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.


All publications
  2016 - Lectures
F.W. Adriaans (02.05.2016). Learning vowel categories from infant-directed speech.
F.W. Adriaans (21.04.2016). Phonological biases and learning effects in artificial language learning.
  2016 - Membership of peer review panel or committee
F.W. Adriaans (17.08.2016). Co-chair (co-promotor) of PhD defense (James Whang).
F.W. Adriaans (31.08.2016). Committee member of PhD defense (Daniel Szeredi).
  2016 - Poster
Whang, James & Adriaans, F.W. (05.11.2016). Phonotactics and alternations in the acquisition of Japanese high vowel reduction.
Whang, James & Adriaans, F.W. (14.10.2016). The role of phonotactics and alternations in the acquisition of Japanese high vowel reduction.
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