dr. Marijn Stok
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After obtaining a research master (Health Psychology Research, 2008) from Utrecht University, Marijn started a PhD project at the department of Clinical and Health Psychology of that same university in 2009. Her PhD research focused on the influence of social norms on young people’s eating behavior, and her dissertation on this topic received the 2015 Herman Schaalma award from the European Health Psychology Society. During her years as a PhD candidate, Marijn also helped manage the EU-funded TEMPEST project (see link below).

Upon receiving her PhD in 2014, Marijn moved to the University of Konstanz to participate in the interdisciplinary, international research project and knowledge hub DEDIPAC (see link below). She was responsible for the management and coordination of 80 partners within one work package of this large project that focused on the determinants of dietary behavior. One main output of the work package is an interactive, dynamic framework of the determinants of diet framework (see link below). Simultaneously, Marijn continued her experimental research on social influence, reactance, and health behavior, also supervising a PhD project on this topic

In November 2016, Marijn became assistant professor at the department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Utrecht University. Her research will focus on health behavior and public health promotion. Specifically, she will investigate how persuasive communication can be employed more effectively, with a focus on social influence processes and reactance. In her work, Marijn uses insights from social psychology, health psychology, consumer science and communication science. In addition to her research, Marijn contributes to teaching and coordination of courses on both the bachelor and master levels. She also supervises academic internships and theses.

Scientific expertise
health behavior change, health communication, social influence, nudging, self-regulation
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Curriculum vitae

Work experience

  • Since Nov/16: Assistant professor, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Utrecht University
  • Since Feb/14: Senior scientist, Health Psychology, University of Konstanz (Germany)
  • Nov/13 - Nov/16: Postdoctoral researcher, Social, Health, and Organizational Psychology, Utrecht Unversity
  • Jan/09 - Nov/13: PhD candidate, Clinical and Health Psychology, Utrecht University



  • January 2014: PhD in Health Psychology, Utrecht University ("Eating by the norm: The influence of social norms on young people's eating behavior")
  • June 2008: Master in Health Psychology (MSc), Utrecht University
  • June 2006: Bachelor of Arts (BA), University College Utrecht
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Publications in press

Holdsworth, M.; Nicolaou, M.; Langøien, L.J., Osei-Kwasi, H., Chastin, S., Stok, F.M., (…) Stronks, K. (in press). Developing a systems-based framework of the factors influencing dietary and physical activity behaviours in ethnic minority populations living in Europe - A DEDIPAC study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.


Marchiori, D.R. & Stok, F.M. (in press). The nudging approach to health and wellbeing. In D.T.D. de Ridder, M.A. Adriaanse, & K. Fujita (Eds.), Handbook of self-control in health and wellbeing.



All publications
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Additional functions and activities

In addition to her work as assistant professor at Utrecht University, Marijn Stok is affiliated with the department of Psychology of the University of Konstanz (Germany).

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