Francesca Barbera Kipreos MA

PhD Candidate
Medieval Culture

Francesca Barbera Kipreos earned her BA in English Literature and Linguistics at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and her MA in Early Modern Studies at University College London. Her interests include early modern European and Latin American literature, translation studies, opera, and the history of human rights. 

She is at Utrecht as part of the project ‘Discovering Europe in the Early Modern Period: How Literature Shaped a Diverse Community, 1517-1713’, led by Professor Lieke Stelling. Her research focuses on the depiction of cities as European microcosms in early modern literature. 

Before coming to Utrecht, she taught several literature courses at Universidad Católica, worked as a data linguist at an AI company and as a writer and researcher at Chile’s National Opera. She also translated Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio into Spanish (La Pollera, Santiago de Chile, 2021) and plans to do more translations in the future.