"As humans we live together with many millions of animals in different contexts. That results in complex questions and problems that ask for careful reflection and discussion. Ethics is essential in these cases to find ways to deal with those challenges in a way that take the interests and values of humans, animals and the environment seriously."


With my research team, I focus on animals in different context, such as pests, nature and agriculture, but also on animals that we have for companion or use for science. We live together with many millions of animals. In many cases that does not directly lead to questions and often is considered to be valuable. Nonetheless, we often are faced with complex questions such as "Are there limits to the use of animals or to adjust animals to our needs and wishes?" "How should we deal with questions of live and death? Our research focusses on making the moral dimensions of these questions and problems explicit, analyse the theoretical background, and try to find – often with professionals how deal with animals – answers that may lead to a more sustainable and responsible interaction with animals.


Franck L.B. Meijboom is  Professor of Sustainable Animal Stewardship. He studied theology and ethics at the Universities of Utrecht (NL) and Aberdeen (UK). His chair  is affiliated to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University (Faculty of Humanities). Additionally, he is Head of the Centre for Sustainable Animal Stewardship (www.CenSAS.org) and Head of Department of the department Population Health Sciences.

Sustainable Animal Stewardship