Dr. Frank van Rijnsoever

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 7.46
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Frank van Rijnsoever

Associate Professor
Innovation Studies
+31 30 253 7484

I'm  curious about how innovation and entrepreneurship work exactly. Further, I believe that science has the task of making its knowledge accessible to society. This can be done through research and education. I work as an Associate Professor in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Additionally, I am a senior fellow at the Centre of Academic Teaching and Learning.

My work focuses on the following related questions:

  1. How can a region contribute to the success of innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship? I research so-called entrepreneurial ecosystems and how they influence the emergence and success of entrepreneurship. Additionally, I examine whether existing sectors or entities have a positive or negative influence on this entrepreneurship. I do this together with colleagues and regional development agencies in the ESMEE project, funded by NWO.
  2. What is the influence of education and research at universities on innovation and sustainable development? In public discourse and in science, much attention is paid to how university research affects our world. However, I strongly focus on the role of education in creating societal change. After all, it's the people we educate who ultimately make the difference.
  3. What does education for societal impact look like? Universities have traditionally been very focused on the transfer of knowledge. However, to make a societal contribution, it is also important that students develop the right skills and entrepreneurial mindset. As part of the UU Senior Fellow program, I work on education and research in the field of 'change agency.'

Methodologically, I conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. In the analysis of data, I heavily rely on new developments, such as artificial intelligence.

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