Prof. dr. F.G. (Friedrich) Förster

David de Wiedgebouw
Universiteitsweg 99
Kamer 2.70
3584 CG Utrecht

Prof. dr. F.G. (Friedrich) Förster

Structural Biochemistry
+31 30 253 4318

Most important achievements include (i) developing the first method for subtomogram averaging (Förster et al, PNAS 2005), which is indispensable for in situ structural biology using CET, (ii) achieving subnanometer resolution for the in situ structure of an asymmetrical complex (ER-associated ribosome) (Pfeffer et al, Nat. Comms. 2015), which structurally differs from detergent-solubilized structures highlighting the importance of studying membrane protein complexes in their native settings, and (iii) determining the first atomic structure of the complete 26S proteasome by integrative structure determination (Beck et al, PNAS 2012).

He has been appointed as full professor at Utrecht University in 2016 after successfully establishing an independent research group that transforms computational developments into unique structural and functional insights into protein translocation and degradation.

His research is funded by National and international Research grants, such as NWO Vici and the European Research Council.