Dr. F.C. (Francisca) Velkers

Dr. F.C. (Francisca) Velkers

Associate Professor
Veterinary Epidemiology
+31 30 253 4447



XXth World Veterinary Poultry Association CongressFrancisca Velkers (Participant)
5 Sept 2017


Presentation: Effects of on-farm hatching on Eimeria infection dynamics Velkers, F.C., De Jong, I.C., Van de Ven, L.J.F., Van de Reep, L. and Stegeman, J.A. Chair of Session II Eimeria

Francisca Velkers (Invited speaker)
1 Jul 2016
, 3rd International Symposium on Parasite Infections in Poultry


Gut Day 2015Francisca Velkers (Participant)
19 Nov 2015
18th Gut Day SymposiumFrancisca Velkers (Participant)
19 Nov 2015
Nationaal Veterinair CongresFrancisca Velkers (Invited speaker)
9 Oct 2015
, Jaarcongres KNMVD
Presentation: Understanding infection dynamics of Eimeria spp. in broiler flocks to improve coccidiosis research and control / Poster: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N8 outbreaks in commercial poultry in the Netherlands in 2014.Francisca Velkers (Invited speaker)
30 Jun 2015
, Global Alliance of Avian Diseases (GARAD) conference


18th Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry AssociationFrancisca Velkers (Participant)
19 Aug 201323 Aug 2013


Werkgroep KNMvD voor veterinair handelen (External organisation)Francisca Velkers (Member)
25 Sept 20126 Jun 2017
ISVEE XIII Workshop: Economics in Animal health - An IntroductionFrancisca Velkers (Participant)
27 Aug 201228 Aug 2012
Presentation: Transmission of a live Eimeria acervulina vaccine strain and protection against infection in vaccinated and contact-vaccinated broilers.Francisca Velkers (Invited speaker)
6 Jul 2012
, 2nd International Symposium on Protozoal Infections in Poultry
Frontiers in Veterinary Science (Journal)Francisca Velkers (Editorial board member)
6 Jun 20121 Sept 2016