Prof. dr. Erik van Sebille

Prof. dr. Erik van Sebille

Physical Oceanography
+31 30 253 5441

You can contact Erik on subjects like:

  • Plastic soup
  • Marine debris
  • Ocean currents
  • Public Engagement and Science Communication

International media

See for an overview of some of the media mentions of Erik and specifically his Tracking Of Plastic In Our Oceans (TOPIOS) project, for which he also won the first ERC Public Engagement with Research Award in the category Press & media relations.

Outreach and Engagement highlights

  • Public lectures about plastic in the ocean at the Royal Geographic Society, the Bluedot music festival in Manchester, the Being Human Festival in Southampton, the London Design Biennale, and the Betweter Festival in Utrecht.
  • Briefings on ocean plastic pollution for UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee, as well as organisations including the Green Alliance, Greenpeace, WWF, ASC, Triodos Bank, Shell.
  • Initiator, designer and developer of websites,, and, a set of science and outreach tools where the general public can virtually track plastic waste through the ocean. Websites attracted more than 200,000 visitors in two years.
  • Featured scientist in an episode of Klokhuis on the plastic soup.
  • Author of more than a dozen opinion articles for outlets including the Conversation, Guardian, British Council, NRC, Euractiv, and Geographic Magazine.
  • More than 250 interviews on climate change, ocean plastic pollution and the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, including for CNN (20 times), BBC (10 times), Dutch NPO television (5 times), the New York Times (4 times), the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, NRC, Volkskrant, Science, the Discovery Channel, AP, Reuters, AFP, as well as Australian and Dutch media.

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Scientific expeditions

2004 – 2014 A total of twenty-two weeks of scientific expeditions, on board six different research vessels, to the North Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans.