Eileen de Jong MSc

Junior Assistant Professor
Environmental Governance

Teaching activities

Eileen de Jong is a Junior Assistant Professor in the Environmental Governance Group at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. She has a background in sustainable development with a focus on governance, policy, and politics of transforming societies towards sustainability. As a Junior Lecturer, Eileen teaches in the Global Sustainability Science Bachelor and the Sustainable Development Master programmes since September 2022. Her teaching tasks are diverse but include giving tutorials and lectures, tutoring first year Bachelor students and supervising Bachelor theses. 
She is involved in the following courses:
·      Policy Evaluation and Design (GEO1-2103)
·      Duurzame Ontwikkeling (GEO2-2113)
·      Sustainable Land Use (GEO3-2121)
·      Foundations of Social Sciences for Sustainability (GEO1-2413)
·      Politics of the Earth (GEO1-2414)
·      Research Strategies (GEO4-2304)
·      Consultancy Project (GEO3-2423)
·      Regional Integration Project (GEO1-2416)


Research activities 

In her PhD research, Eileen is currently focusing on the institutionalization of the United Nations’ Leaving No One Behind Principle. The Leaving No One Behind principle lies at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, but has also been considered a highly political and ambiguous concept. The focus of the research is therefore on identifying enabling conditions but also gaps for reaching the Leaving No One Behind Principle at the country level. She is currently working on a meta-analysis on worldwide effort, focusing on how countries have institutionalized Leaving No One Behind so far based on five institutional mechanisms: policy coherence, policy coordination, inclusive participation, disaggregate data, and dedicated finance.