Dr. Eva van der Heijden MSc

Economic and Social History
Economic and Social History

Eva van der Heijden is a post-doctoral researcher at Utrecht University working on the Historical Income Panel for the Netherlands (HIP-NL) project. This project creates a unique large-scale historical income panel for the Netherlands between 1851 and 1922 using municipal tax records income estimates. The research based upon this income panel centers around long-term socio-economic inequality and income inequality in particular, as well as internal migration and intergenerational analyses.

From 2017 to 2022, Eva worked on her PhD dissertation on the educational trajectories of children of immigrants in the Netherlands (1980-2022) at the International Institution of Social History (IISH).

She worked as a lecturer at Leiden University (2021-2022) teaching at the Social and Economic History Department.

She is associate editor of the Historical Life Course Studies.