Dr. E.T. (Edwin) Pos

Dr. E.T. (Edwin) Pos

Associate Professor
Botanic Gardens
Ecology and Biodiversity
+31 30 253 6837

Science communication is an important aspect of being a scientist, conveying our knowledge and understanding to the larger public to generate impact and awareness. Not only for the academic world, but especially so for the general public. I have given lectures and appearances on a range of subjects:

- Evolutionary biology, from Darwin to DNA

- Fundamental ecology

- Biodiversity and climate change

- Sustanainable development 

- Theoretical evolutionary ecology 


Selected recent media appearances

2022 A quantitative look on ecology (English)

2022 Vroege vogels: on species diversity, extinction and the future (Dutch)

2021 Will the Netherlands be filled with nettles and blackberries? Podcast University of the Netherlands (Dutch only)

2020 Studium Generale: Evolutie voor mensen met haast: https://youtu.be/ptyk4tsgCMY

2020 Future of the Forests (United Nations-SA): https://youtu.be/Kmxx8pT3l0A

2020 Universiteit van Nederland (podcast serie); https://www.universiteitvannederland.nl/podcast/is-darwins-struggle-for-life-aan-vervanging-toe

2019 Keynote speaker conferentie Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie: https://www.nibi.nl/uploads/nibi/files/96cfeed01415729582b27e0689c181f9a51fb85b.pdf

2019 NOS.nl "Hoe lang heeft het Amazone regenwoud nog?"  https://nos.nl/collectie/13780/artikel/2298785-hoelang-heeft-het-amazonewoud-nog

2019 Betweter festival Tivoli Vredenburg: https://youtu.be/0Rj5Kj_2RO8

2019 Studium Generale: Sustainable Development Goals: https://youtu.be/Qo2hP2eiDRI

2019 Alumnilezing: Biodiversiteit en de SDG's https://www.uu.nl/agenda/alumnilezing-over-biodiversiteit-door-dr-edwin-pos-in-meppel

2019 Buitendienst (TV): https://schooltv.nl/video/de-buitendienst-t-is-weer-tijd-voor-biodiversitijd/

2015 Klokhuis (TV):  https://schooltv.nl/video/het-klokhuis-boom/