Edwin Dalmaijer
Research Assistant
Psychology - Experimental Psychology
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University of Oxford, department of Experimental Psychology
Currently, I am employed by the University of Oxford. You can still reach me via email (please see under 'Contact').

Department of Experimental Psychology
Teaching and Research Assistant, involved in education (BSc and MSc courses) and research (data collection and analysis). Apart from this, I have some projects of my own, e.g. developing software for research on eye movements and attention.

Other departments
Programmer at the departments of Developmental Psychology and Clinical and Health Psychology. For the former I have programmed the experiments used in the Adolescent Risk Taking (ART) project. For the latter, I have programmed several experiments on OCD, EMDR and fear conditioning.

Secondary activities
Apart from my services for Utrecht University, I am involved in OpenSesame (a graphical experiment builder for the social sciences, developed by Sebastiaan Mathot). Because of this, I became an informal OpenSesame helpdesk at Utrecht University.
I have been working on my own toolbox, PyGaze, as well. This is a Python package for user-friendly programming of eye-tracking experiments that is freely available.
My latest project is CancellationTools, an application to administer computerized cancellation tasks and to analyze their data. This software is open source, and available to download for free.

Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
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For a list of my output, please refer to this page.

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Experimentation and Analysis 1 (BSc)
I am the author of three of the assignments used in the Psychology Bachelor's module Experimentation and Analysis 1 ('Experimenteren en Registreren 1'), a module on creating psychological experiments and analysing data using computers. After finishing the assignments, students should be able to create experiments using OpenSesame (a graphical experiment builder for the social sciences) and to do a basic analysis of their own data using spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft's Excel or OpenOffice Calc).

Experimentation and Analysis 2 (BSc)
I am a teaching assistant in the Psychology Bachelor's module Experimentation and Analysis 2 ('Experimenteren en Registreren 2'), a module on analysing physiological data (e.g. skin conductance).

Practical on Cognitive and Neurobiological Psychology (BSc)
I am a teaching assistant in the Psychology Bachelor's module Practical on Cognitive and Neurobiological Psychology ('Practicum Cognitieve en Neurobiologische Psychologie'), a module on creating psychophysics experiments and analysing EEG and fMRI data.

Teaching in Higher Education (BSc)
Teaching in Higher Education ('Leren Lesgeven in het Hoger Onderwijs') is a Psychology Bachelor's module on teaching in higher education that covers a wide range of subjects, from lecturing to testing. A part of the course is an internship, in which students act as teaching assistants in the module Experimentation and Analysis 1 (see above). My role in this course is to prepare the students for this internship, by teaching them the ins and outs of the assignments.

Applied Cognitive Psychology 1 (BSc)
In the Psychology Bachelor's module Applied Cognitive Psychology 1 ('Toegepaste Cognitieve Psychologie 1'), I grade presentations and written assignments.

Practicum Toegepaste Cognitieve Psychologie 2 (MSc)
I am a teaching assistant in the practical sessions of the Applied Cognitive Psychology Master's module Applied Cognitive Psychology 2 ('Toegepaste Cognitieve Psychologie 2'), a module on signal detection theory, programming in R, basic stimulus creation and manipulation using GIMP, and applied sensory psychology.

Methods in AI Research (MSc)
I am a teaching assistant and co-author of the materials used in Artificial Intelligence Master's module Methods in AI Research, a module on research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

OpenSesame workshop
I give workshops on OpenSesame to researchers. The assignments, materials and answers for these are freely available.

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Additional functions and activities

Aside from my work at Utrecht University, I am part of the OpenSesame team. My contribution to the project consists of the assembly and maintenance of OpenSesame Portable (a run-from-anywhere distribution that requires no installation and van be run from a USB-stick, for example), the development of plugins (e.g. the joystick plugin, the slider plugin and the dummy part of the eyelink plugins) and giving support on the forum from time to time.

During my time as an experiment programmer at Utrecht University, I have created numerous libraries for faster and easier programming. At some point, I decided to join all of these together, which has spawned PyGaze: a Python package that acts as a wrapper (but includes some additional functionality) around existing packages for communication with different devices (e.g.: the computer's display, sounds and eye trackers). PyGaze's focus is on script readability, programming ease and versatility: a user with minimal programming experience should be able to create a decent experiment, that may be used on different types and brands of eye-trackers without having to adjust the script. PyGaze is used internationally and is free to download.

My latest project is CancellationTools, an application to administer computerized cancellation tasks and to analyze their data. This software is open source, and available to download for free. CancellationTools allows users to start a new cancellation task in a few mouse clicks, and sports the option to import a scan of your preferred cancellation task. It's analysis calculates almost every single measure of cancellation performance.


For the source code of aforementioned software, please refer to my GitHub-account (and do not hesitate to contact me).

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Full name
E.S. Dalmaijer Contact details
Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw

Heidelberglaan 1
Room 17.16
The Netherlands

Phone number (department) +31 30 253 4281

I have moved to the University of Oxford. Although I am not physically present in Utrecht, you can always contact me via email.

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