mr. dr. Robert Helder
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Robert Helder has a broad experience as a substitute civil law notary, in a large lawfirm as well in small and midsize notary offices. Moreover he has experience as president and member of the board of various social and semipublic organisations. His special interest concerns the mutual connection between juridical, economic, social, psychologic aspects of the run of organisations and related issues of integrity. Since 2013 Robert Helder is working as an assistant professor at the Molengraaff Civil Law Institute of Utrecht University. His PhD addressed a legal entity advancing the transformation of semipublic organisations in the Netherlands to social enterprises.

Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
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Curriculum vitae

since 2013: lecturer Molengraaff Institute for Civil Law

2002-2013: senior substitute civil law notary Nysingh advocaten-notarissen N.V. at Zwolle

2000-2002: substitute civil law notary Nysingh Dijkstra de Graaff at Apeldoorn

1995-2000: substitute civil law notary GJS Notarissen at Kampen

1994: substitute civil law notary Mr. H. van Hoogdalem at Groningen

1991-1994: junior substitute civil law notary kandidaat-notaris Dijkstra de Graaff at Apeldoorn

1990: master notarial law at the State University Groningen

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Additional functions and activities

editor Sdu database of models corporate law

managing director of Egbert Renso Beheer B.V. (AdJuncto)

secretary of the board Stichting Grote Kerk Zwolle and Stichting Schnitgerorgel Zwolle

president of Stichting Christelijk Medianetwerk

member of the board of Stichting Meedoen Zwolle

member of the board St. AK Den Alerdinck


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Full name
mr. dr. E.R. Helder Contact details

Janskerkhof 12
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 7158
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 7150
Postal address
Janskerkhof 12
3512 BL    UTRECHT
The Netherlands
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