dr. Elaine Pereira Farrell
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Elaine Pereira Farrell holds a First Honours Bachelor Degree in History and a Teaching Qualification from the Federal Fluminense University (UFF), Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. She completed her doctorate degree in the University College Dublin, specializing in the History of Early Medieval Ireland. After the completing her doctoral thesis she worked in UCD for the School of History and Archives and for the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore and Linguistics teaching various modules about Late Antiquity, Medieval and Modern History, and Celtic Civilization. Recently she worked in Trinity College Dublin in the IRC funded project ‘Monastic Ireland: Landscape and Settlement’ for which she is currently a collaborator. 

She has been awarded an ELEVATE: Irish Research Council International Career Development Fellowship – co-funded by Marie Cure Actions to work on the research project entitled: 'Religious Landscapes in the Eighth Century: Ireland and Northern Francia in Comparison'. It is a three-year collaborative project between the Department of History and Art History of the University of Utrecht and the School of History and Archives of the University College Dublin. This research is being jointly mentored by Dr Rob Meens (UU) and Dr Roy Flechner (UCD) and counting with the collaboration of Prof. Dr. Ludger Körntgen (University of Mainz). 

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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Completed projects

Religious Landscapes in the Eighth Century: Ireland and Northern Francia in Comparison 01.10.2014 to 30.09.2017
General project description

Northern Francia was an area of strong Irish influence and a centre of learning where normative texts were produced which were influenced by Irish texts. Frankish books meant to be used in confession and penance texts were inspired by earlier Irish ones, but were adjusted to attend the particular needs of the communities which they were produced to. This research intends to shed new light into the interactions between the Irish and Frankish societies in the eight-century and place the literature on penance, produced by these cultural milieus at the heart of the discussions about medieval  culture. It will contribute to the understanding of the process of exchange of ideas between these societies and establish the relevance of Irish normative texts for the societies which adopted and re-issued them. Both the particularisms and the commonalities between the various documents produced in this period will be analysed in this research. It will also aim to identify the audiences of these texts and further investigate the impact of the expansion of Christianity on these communities through the expansion of pastoral care and the institutions of confession and penance. 

Role Researcher Funding
Other: Irish Research Council (IRC) and Marie Curie Actions
Project members UU
External project members:
  • dr. Roy Flechner (University College Dublin)
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