Dr. Elmer Ruigrok

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 2.20
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Elmer Ruigrok

+31 30 253 5086

Research interests:

  • Seismic source location
  • Seismic interferometry
  • Lithospheric imaging
  • Obscure seismicity

Seismic waves are as ubiquitous in the solid part of the Earth as sound waves are in the atmosphere. Notorious sources of seismic waves are earthquakes and traffic. Seismic waves manifest themselves as vibrations of the Earth's surface. Recordings of these vibrations tend to be highly complicated, both due to refined source characteristics and the complex structures through which the waves propagate. As a consequence, it is hard to fully understand the vibration recordings. Yet, it is the complicated seismic arrivals that are key to further unravelling Earth's structure and its dynamics.

Elmer works on array methods to turn complicated seismic measurements into interpretable data. In the past, he developed methods for unveiling Earth structure. Currently, he focuses on obtaining source characteristics, especially from anthropogenically induced seismicity. Seismic sources related to human activity are, for example, wind farms, construction activity and compaction related to gas extraction.