Evi Kostner MSc
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Evi Kostner is a sociocultural anthropologist. She studies gang phenomena and urban violence in Guatemala City since 2012. Her fieldwork focuses on one adult male prison and one marginalized urban neighborhood with high gang presence. She occasionally visits one adult female prison and youth detention centers, police units, universities and think tanks. Her theoretical focus lies on aesthetics, masculinity and embodiment. 

She holds a BA in sociocultural anthropology from the University of Vienna, Austria, and a MSc in cultural anthropology from Utrecht University.

She is a thesis supervisor for BA theses and teaches upper-level undergraduate working groups at Utrecht University. She lead an undergraduate seminar on the Anthropology of Violence at the Universidad del Valle, Guatemala and was an external researcher for the Institute for Minority Rights at the European Academy (EURAC) in Bolzano, Italy. 

Evi is interested in human rights activism, as well as engaged and public anthropology. She has worked, among other things, as a human rights accompanier in the Guatemalan altiplano. There her work focused on civil war and genocide as well as on indigenous rights, land rights, natural resources and multinational cooperations. 

Evi is founder and Executive Director of an Italian NGO working on violence prevention in the metropolitan area of Guatemala City. She is also the Co-Chair of OLA - the Dutch PhD forum on Latin America. 

Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
Prison Ethnography
Anthropology of the Body
Anthropology of Gangs
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All publications
  Books - Popularising publications
Kostner, E., Kostner, F. & Reichl, R. (2017). Donde Vivo Yo - Lebensrealitäten in Guatemala Stadt. (299 p.). Suedtiroldruck, Tscherms, Italy: AMIKARO.
  Book reviews - Scholarly publications
Kostner, E. (2015). McAllister, C. & D. Nelson (Eds.) War by Other Means: Aftermath in Post-Genocide Guatemala. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2013. Journal of International and Global Studies, 7 (1).
  Websites / portals - Other output
  Other output - Other output
Kostner, E. (15.01.2014). Plastikwelten - Burkina Faso. (64 p.).
  Paper - Other output
Kostner, E. (26.05.2018). Scarred Memories - Bodies and Pain in a Guatemalan Gang.
Kostner, E. (13.07.2017). Memorias Cicatrizadas - Cuerpos y Dolor en una Pandilla Guatemalteca.
Kostner, E. (30.05.2016). Extortion and Inner-Prison Gang Life in Guatemala.
Kostner, E. (24.09.2016). Sow Fear, Get Paid, Earn Respect - Extortion, Gang Life, and Masculinities in a Guatemalan Prison..
  Workshop, seminar, course - Scholarly publications
Kostner, E. (18.06.2018) Organiser Intensive Summer Workshop on Evocative Ethnographic Writing and Blogging in Anthropology with Prof. Paul Stoller Amsterdam (18.06.2018 - 22.06.2018)
Kostner, E. (26.05.2018) Organiser Panel: Sensorial Ethnography in Urban Violent Settings Barcelona (26.05.2018)
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 Evi currently teaches in the following courses:

      Religion, media and popular culture 2 7,5 ECTS SW
     Opzetten van een kwalit. onderzoek  2  7,5 ECTS  SW
     Dataverzameling en dataverwerking 1    3    7,5 ECTS    SW
   Dataverzameling en dataverwerking 2  3  7,5 ECTS  SW
   bachelorthesis  4  7,5 ECTS  SW
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Additional functions and activities

Co-Chair of OLA - the Dutch PhD Forum on Latin America

Executive Director of a small Italy based NGO working on violence prevention in Guatemala City.

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Full name
E. Kostner MSc Contact details
Sjoerd Groenmangebouw

Padualaan 14
Room A2.34
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 1925
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