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In 1981 Liesbeth started her career as a teacher in medical biology at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, in the city of Deventer. After almost ten years of teaching Liesbeth became a teacher trainer at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, at the faculty of Education. In 2000 Liesbeth started working at VU University Amsterdam, where she coordinated the use of ICT in Education, at the faculty of Earth and Life sciences. In this position she worked as an Instructional Designer to help lecturers with student centered course design, and curriculum renewal. From 2008, Liesbeth was the coordinator of the Bachelor programme Biomedical Sciences. In 2007 CIS VU (Centre for international cooperation) asked her to join their team as an Educational Advisor for projects in Yemen, Palestin, South Africa, Ethiopia and Vietnam, which she combined with her position at the faculty until November 2014. 
From November 2014 Liesbeth works at Utrecht University.

Besides being a (biology) teacher Liesbeth contributed to several national and European projects in Science Education and the use of ICT. 

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All publications
  Books - Professional publications
Overmans, J.F.A., Bakker, W.E., van Zeeland, Y.R.A., van der Ree, G., Jeuring, J.T., van Mil, M.H.W., Glas, M.A.J., van de Grint, E.J.M., Bastings, M.A.S., de Smale, S. & Dictus, W.J.A.G. (2017). The value of simulations and games for tertiary education. (62 p.). Utrecht Univerity.
  Articles - Scholarly publications
Marra, Wouter A., van de Grint, Liesbeth, Alberti, Koko & Karssenberg, Derek (03.04.2017). Using GIS in an Earth Sciences field course for quantitative exploration, data management and digital mapping. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 41 (2), (pp. 213-229) (17 p.).
  Articles in volumes / proceedings - Scholarly publications
de Smale, S., Overmans, J.F.A., Jeuring, J.T. & van de Grint, E.J.M. (2016). The effect of simulations and games on learning objectives in tertiary education - A systematic review. Games and Learning Alliance - 4th International Conference, GALA 2015, Rome, Italy, December 9-11, 2015, Revised Selected Papers (pp. 506-516) (10 p.). Springer.
  Reports - Scholarly publications
de Smale, Stephanie, Overmans, Tom, Jeuring, Johan & van de Grint, Liesbeth (2015). The Effect of Simulations and Games on Learning Objectives in Tertiary Education: A Systematic Review. (10 p.). Utrecht: UU BETA ICS Departement Informatica.
  Other output - Other output
Jonker, V.H., Schot, W.D., Wijers, M.M., Bastings, M.A.S., Reichwein, Maarten, van de Grint, E.J.M. & Slot, E.M. (06.10.2016). Thuis op de wereld - Boekje Grote Wetenschapsdag. (12 p.).
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