Dr. Eugène Loos

Bijlhouwerstraat 6-8
Bijlhouwerstraat 6-8
Kamer 1.08
3511 ZC Utrecht

Dr. Eugène Loos

Associate Professor
Organisation Science
+31 30 253 7815

Dr. Eugène Loos has a background in linguistics. He graduated cum laude as a French language and literature major, with a minor in Mass Communications and Public Relations. In 1997, he earned his doctorate in interculturel communication from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University. He has worked as a member of the academic staff at this University since 1989.

He is a member of the Research School Netherlands Institute of Governance (NIG) (https://www.nigovernance.nl/) and he is active in the Utrecht University strategic theme 'Dynamics of Youth' (https://www.uu.nl/en/research/dynamics-of-youth). He is Associated Editor Digital Impacts for the journal Frontiers in Human Dynamics and Editorial Board member for the Journal Societies.

He investigates the (ir)relevance of age for: (1) different generations of citizens' digital information search behaviour of diverse generations, (2) their perception of the reliability of information and (3) their identification with images in information sources. 

These last years his research agenda focuses specifically on the role of media literacy for accessible reliable digital information. He investigates which factors are influencing the societal impact of digitization on younger and older generations for organizations aiming to enhance the social inclusion of senior citizens. Co-creation of public values by stakeholders for example in health care and education, witgh specific attention to age, is the leading principle for his research agenda.

He is a member of BENEDMO, the Flemish-Dutch collaboration against disinformation, by and for factcheckers, media companies, scientists and other experts (https://benedmo.eu/english/).

He has authored several Dutch-language and international publications, including books, book chapters, articles and studies.

He was co-chair van de Media Work Group of the COST Action “Ageism” isch/IS1402 (www.notoageism.com), and member of COST Actions 269 “User aspects of ICT”, COST 298 “Participation in the Broadband Society” (http://www.cost298.org/) and COST Action IS0906 “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies” (http://www.cost-transforming-audiences.eu).

He supervises bachelor- and mastertheses.

From September, 1 2023 on, he is the coordinator of the Master 'Organising Social Impact' (https://www.uu.nl/en/masters/organising-social-impact).

For the executive Master 'Management van publieke vraagstukken' (https://www.uu.nl/masters/management-van-publieke-vraagstukken) he lectures about the role of framing to change the behaviour of organisations' internal and external stakeholders, and he supervises mastertheses.  

From 2009 to 2019 he also worked as a professor by special appointment for the chair Old and new media in an ageing society, endowed by 'ANBO' (Dutch organisation for senior citizens), at the University of Amsterdam.