Eliane Fankhauser is PhD candidate at the humianities faculty (musicology) and member of the university council 2015-2017.

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Musicology (RMA)
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Curriculum vitae

Eliane Fankhauser studied recorder at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste where she obtained her MA in music performance (2009). She thereafter studied musicology at the University of Basel (BA 2011) and at the University of Utrecht (Research MA 2013). Currently, she is writing her dissertation at Utrecht University about music fragments preserved at the university libraries of Leiden and Utrecht (work title: Late medieval court culture in the northern Low Countries: Visualizing, interpreting, and contextualizing music fragments). Thereby, the codicological examination of music fragments, archival research, and a focus on the analysis and contextualization of the music are central to her in-depth study of the musical environment in the northern Low Countries around 1400. Digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and CMME (Computerized Mensural Music Editing) help her examining the fragments and editing their contents in a most thorough and efficient way. Together with the Ensemble Diskantores Eliane Fankhauser gives recital-lectures in which her reserach and the actual music pieces are joinlty presented to the public.

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All publications
  2015 - Other output
Fankhauser, E.A. (08.07.2015). Mapping Polyphony in the Northern Low Countries - New Discoveries, New Insights.
Fankhauser, E.A. (21.02.2015). Transmission of polyphonic music in the northern Low Countries around 1400 - Egardus’ Gloria Spiritus et alme in the Utrecht fragments, NL-Uu 37.I.
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Fankhauser, E.A. (2014). A Collection of Collections - New insight into the origins and making of the Utrecht fragments, NL-Uu 37.I. Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, LXIV, (pp. 3-29).
  2014 - Other output
Fankhauser, E.A. (04.07.2014). Late medieval music fragments in the Netherlands - A codicological (re-)examination .
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Late medieval court culture in the northern Low Countries: Visualizing, interpreting, and contextualizing music fragments


The northern Low Countries in the later Middle Ages were ruled by important noble families who contributed considerably to the political, social, and cultural exchanges across Europe at the time. Sharing social and cultural practices as well as family ties with the top echelon of European aristocracy including the rulers of France, England, and the Empire, they maintained a lively cultural scene in Holland, too. This research project focuses on a specific moment in the cultural environment of the courts in the northern Low Countries, the second half of the long fourteenth century (c. 1350-1420), taking into consideration secular and sacred music, visual art, as well as poetic and narrative texts. In doing so, a group of parchment fragments kept at the university libraries of Amsterdam, Leiden, and Utrecht which bears witness to significant musical activity in the northern Low Countries in the later Middle Ages will take central stage. The variety of genres and their multilingualism (French, Middle Dutch, and Latin texts) point to a lively cultural activity at a court in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe, making the court of Holland at The Hague a prime candidate for the provenance of the fragments. In the course of this project the full scope of music and texts contained in the fragments will be studied by way of newest philological, digital, and archival research techniques, thereby (re-)assessing their likely provenance and date as well as their cultural background on a transnational scale. This will provide important new information about the cultural dynamics at work in both the northern Low Countries and late medieval Europe, and for the first time ever fully chart and highlight the important musical heritage of the northern Low Countries in the decades before and around 1400.

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Member of university council 2015-2017

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