Prof. dr. D. (Daniela) Salvatori

Prof. dr. D. (Daniela) Salvatori

Anatomie en Fysiologie

Daniela Salvatori is Professor Comparative Anatomy and Physiology since August 2019. She is also head of Anatomy and Physiology and chairperson of the Utrecht Transition to Animal-free Innovation initiative.



Prof. Salvatori leads the Centre of excellence of Plastination and Virtual Reality. The centre develops models for training in clinical skills and in a wide range of procedures in humans and animals. The centre is a joint initiative of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine and UMC Utrecht.
They develop digital three-dimensional (3D) and holographic models for learning anatomy and offer many possibilities for practicing clinical and surgical procedures. Using virtual reality technology they are able to transform plastinated samples and CT/MRI scans into functional models, so-called ‘avatars’. In 2020, the centre received a USO Grant to create and introduce interactive holographic models of humans and animals ('The avatar Zoo'). The project focuses not only on development of avatar models but also on how effective the developed tools are in order to reach assigned learning goals. In the period September 2020-2023, she worked as Director of the  Education for Professionals programme of Veterinary Faculty.




Malignancy of human and animals stem cells

Stem cells are valuable tools for modeling human and animal diseases, as well as a source of differentiated cells for use in regenerative medicine and drug discovery. An essential prerequisite for using stem cells in medicine is the assurance of genetic stability. The presence of genetic changes, together with their increased growth rates raise concerns related to potential malignancy (cancer) and safety of  stem cells for clinical application. The group studies mechanisms of tumorigenesis of human and animal stem cells, and works on the characterization and validation of in vitro models for studying human and animal diseases.


Transition to animal-free innovations Utrecht (TPI Utrecht)

Salvatori is chairperson of the TPI Utrecht from November 2019.