Dr. D.L. (Daniel) Hurdiss

Assistant Professor

My group performs fundamental research on viruses with the ultimate goal of translating this knowledge into new methods to prevent or treat infections. Specifically, we aim to determine the three-dimensional structure of viral proteins and understand how this relates to their function. To achieve this, we use single-particle cryo-electron microscopy in conjunction with biochemical and molecular virology experiments. By obtaining mechanistic insights into how viruses invade, hijack and escape host cells, we hope to identify new targets for antiviral inhibition with small molecules or biologics.

Our current research interests can be broadly categorized into three main areas:

  • Virus structure, receptors, and entry mechanisms
  • Virus replication and assembly
  • Development of antiviral drugs

Through our work in these areas, we aim to make significant contributions to our understanding of viral pathogenesis and the development of effective antiviral treatments.


Research Highlights