Dr. Dirk van Miert

Associate Professor
Cultural History
Cultural History

Dirk van Miert is director of the Huygens Institute for History and Culture of the Netherlands, of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Early Modern Cultural History. He specializes in the history of knowledge. He supervised (2017-2022) a large research ERC Consolidator project about the Republic of Letters.  

Profile: intellectual history of (early) modern Europa, History of Knowledge, science, universities, education, scholarship, philology, biblical scholarship, gender relations in the world of learning, humanism, and the long social history of the Republic of Letters (Respublica litteraria or Respublica litterarum/République des Lettres/Gelehrtenrepublik).

Van Miert was editor in chief of Lias. Journal of Early Modern Intellectual Culture and its Sources, and president of Gewina (Belgian-Dutch Society for the History of Science and Universities).

Critical acclaim for The Correspondence of Joseph Justus Scaliger, edited by Paul Botley and Dirk van Miert, 8 vols (Geneva: Droz, 2012) xcv + 4,823 pp.

‘To sum up, this is the rare thing: an edition exemplary in every respect that comes as close to perfection as is humanly possible.’ -  Renaissance Quarterly

‘the seamless presentation achieved in the main by Botley and van Miert represents an astonishing achievement.’ -  Bryn Mawr Classical Review

 ‘The herculean labors of the two editors, Paul Botley and Dirk van Miert, could justly become the subject of Pindaric odes; one magnificent poem per volume would be a modest tribute.’ - History of Universities

‘One hates to use trite expressions in a review like “monument of scholarship” and “timeless work of erudition, not to be redone,” but sometimes these expressions are what the project calls for.’ - Seventeenth-Century News (Neo-Latin News)

‘het bijzonder rijke voetnotenapparaat bij de uitgegeven brieven getuigt op stille maar krachtige wijze van de ontzaglijke filologisch-historische arbeid die Paul Botley en Dirk van Miert hebben verzet.’ - De zeventiende eeuw

‘un événement considérable’ - Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance

‘un producto de la máxima calidad científica’ - Calamus Renascens

‘The resulting eight-volume product is also a testament to [the editors’] scholarly acumen and commonsense approach.’ - English Historical Review

‘a truly magnificent edition that illuminates the tremendously energetic world of learning in early modern times, … in  … eight superbly printed volumes’ - Church History and Religious Culture


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