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Daphina Misiedjan is an assistant professor at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights and researcher at the Utrecht Center for Oceans, Water and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL). She specializes in issues concerning human rights (in particular economic, social and cultural rights) and the environment. Daphina Misiedjan obtained her Ph.D. from Utrecht University where she also obtained her honors master degree in legal research from. Her dissertation is titled: Towards a Sustainable Human Right to Water. Supporting vulnerable people and protecting water resources. With Suriname as a case study. Because of the societal relevance and impact of this thesis, she was awarded the 2017 Agnites Vrolik Prize which included a research grant of E25.000,- 

She has been featured on platforms such as ‘2017 Thinking Planet Festival’ and other public platforms such as ‘De Kennis van Nu (Knowledge of Now),’ and the Youth News Broadcast Suriname. In 2015 and 2016 she received research grants from the Silvia W. de Groot fund award by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies for her research in Suriname. In addition to Suriname, she has conducted research concerning access to water in other different national contexts such as South Africa, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Yemen. And also with a focus on different groups such as indigenous and tribal communities and vulnerable groups (based on both social as well as environmental characteristics). She currently teaches the courses: comparative human rights, international public law and human rights and environment. Daphina Misiedjan is interested in Global South perspectives on environmental justice and new developments including the recognition of legal personhood for nature. In addition to legal research, she is also interested in youth leadership, inclusive education and programming. And in 2017 she also received the Black Achievement Encouragement Award. 

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Curriculum vitae
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All publications
  2017 - Conference
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (14.04.2017) Participant NEW FRONTIERS IN GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTITUTIONALISM Potchefstroom (12.04.2017 - 14.04.2017) Presented paper: ten building blocks for a sustainable human right to water
  2017 - Workshop, seminar, course
van Rijswick, H.F.M.W. (06.03.2017) WATERGOVERNANCE IN SURINAME Paramaribo (06.03.2017 - 09.03.2017) Ontwikkeling van een roadmap voor integraal waterbeheer in Suriname
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (05.04.2017) Participant Workshop Human Rights and Vulnerability Utrecht (05.04.2017) Presented paper on conceptualizing vulnerability in relation to the human right to water.
  2017 - Invited talk
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (29.05.2017) Invited speaker Erasmus University Rotterdam Case-study Suriname
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (15.04.2017) Invited speaker Filosofie Magazine Human rights for a river?
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (05.05.2017) Invited speaker Waternet Mensenrecht op water
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (05.07.2017) Invited speaker Delft University of Technology Rights of the River
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (11.10.2017) Invited speaker NGIZ-Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken (landelijk) Water, klimaatverandering en mensenrechten
van Rijswick, H.F.M.W. (01.04.2017) WATER4ALL Duurzaam waterbeheer in Nederland en Suriname Utrecht (01.04.2017) WATER4ALL: Duurzaam waterbeheer in Nederland en Suriname
van Rijswick, H.F.M.W. (10.03.2017) Het kabinet van de Vice President, Ministerie van Natuurlijke Hulpbronnen, Waterforum Suriname WATERGOVERNANCE IN SURINAME
  2017 - Visiting an external academic institution
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (07.03.2017) Visiting lecturer UNEP, Suriname Provided a course on water governance for employees of government agencies, companies and NGOs
  2015 - Articles
van Rijswick, H.F.M.W., Misiedjan, D.J.E. & Tjen A Kwoei, Alberto (2015). A Human right to water while the well runs dry: analyzing the legal and regulatory framework of Yemen water law. Water Law, 24 (5-6), (pp. 199-207) (9 p.).
  2014 - Articles
Misiedjan, Daphina & Gupta, Joyeeta (01.01.2014). Indigenous communities - Analyzing their right to water under different international legal regimes. Utrecht Law Review, 10 (2), (pp. 77-90) (14 p.).
Gupta, Joyeeta, Hildering, Antoinette & Misiedjan, Daphina (2014). Indigenous people's right to water under international law - A legal pluralism perspective. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 11, (pp. 26-33) (8 p.).
  2014 - Reports
van Rijswick, Marleen, Misiedjan, Daphina, van Steenbergen, Frank, Borgia, Cecilia, Evers, Jaap, Tjen A Kwoei, Alberto, Zang, Ting, Huntjes, Patrick & de Man, Rens (2014). The Political Economy of Water Management in Yemen: Conflict Analysis and Recommendations. (220 p.). The Hague Institute for Global Justice.
  2014 - Invited talk
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (11.09.2014) Invited speaker Symposium water governance centre (11.09.2014) Symposium water governance centre: assessing water governance (met Marleen van Rijswick)
  2013 - Conference
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (20.03.2013) Participant Living water: towards a water secure world The Hague (20.03.2013)
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (24.04.2013) Participant UN Water Talks Delft (24.04.2014) Climate Change and Water: Friends or Foes?<br/>Perspectives from the World Meteorological Organization by Michel Jarraud, WMO Secretary-General.<br/><br/>IHE Delft, the City of Delft and the Delfland Water Board hereby cordially invite you to attend
  2013 - Invited talk
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (31.10.2013) Invited speaker Water and Oceans Law in Times of Climate Change, Conference of the Utrecht Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law Utrecht University (01.01.2013) Building bridges over troubled waters
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (20.10.2013) Invited speaker Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht Kindercollege over het recht op water
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (10.10.2013) Invited speaker Conference on Human Rights and Climate Change Utrecht (10.10.2013) The Human Right to Water
Misiedjan, D.J.E. (2013) Invited speaker Water and Oceans Law in Times of Climate Change, Conference of the Utrecht Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law Utrecht University (01.01.2013) Watering Indigenous Rights… Delineating a Human Right to Water for Indigenous peoples
  2012 - Articles
Misiedjan, D.J.E. & Palm, H. (2012). Papaja’s met peren vergelijken. Hoe de Nederlandse wetgever onderscheid maakt tussen Caribisch en Europees Nederland aan de hand van artikel 1 lid 2 Statuut. Caribisch Juristenblad, 2, (pp. 19-29) (11 p.).
  2010 - Articles
Flinterman, C. & Misiedjan, D.J.E. (2010). Dertig jaar VN-Vrouwenverdrag en Nederland. Nederlands Juristenblad, 2010 (34), (pp. 74-75) (2 p.).


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With the present growing water stress, conflicts can rise between sustainability efforts and meeting the water needs of populations. Both developing and developed countries are struggling with finding sustainable solutions to provide access to water for everyone, especially vulnerable groups. The further development of the human right to water may provide for a legal solution when subjecting this right to sustainability requirements. The focus of this study is to further develop the human right to water in such a manner that it will encompass the sustainable enjoyment of the right by vulnerable groups. To explore the topic, classic legal methods are adopted through desk research. Also an assessment framework will be developed and used in case studies. Meaning that with the use of qualitative research methods such as interviews, the interaction between the concepts (vulnerability, sustainability and the human right to water) will be examined. This will shine light on the requirements needed for the sustainable enjoyment of the human right to water by vulnerable groups.



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• Public International Law 2017-2018 (RGBUIER002)
• Comparative Human Rights (RGBUIER006)
• Capita Selecta Public International Law: Human Rights and the Environment (RGMUIER217)


• Bachelor Thesis

• Master Thesis 

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Additional functions and activities

  General Board Member - Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten (Dutch Section International Commission of Jurists)

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