Dr. D. (Davide) Dell'Anna

Leuvenlaan 4
Kamer 3.10
3584 CE Utrecht

Dr. D. (Davide) Dell'Anna

Assistant Professor
Responsible AI

My name is Davide Dell'Anna, I am Assistant Professor in the Responsible AI group. My research interests span Human-centred Artificial Intelligence, Human-AI Collaboration, and Social and Responsible AI with the overall goal of developing methodologies and solutions for Artificial Intelligence systems that cooperate synergistically and proactively with humans. In my work, I focus on automated and data-driven mechanisms that explicitly account for human intentionality and expertise to ensure behaviors that are aligned with human norms and values. I am member of the Hybrid Intelligence Centre, where we study how to amplify both human and machine intelligence by combining their complementary strengths.

I am happy to supervise and mentor enthusiastic students in projects concerning Artificial Intelligence and its integration within human-centric environments. If you are excited about developing socially aware explainable AI systems that can collaborate and coordinate with humans, please have a look at open projects on Konjoin and/or get in touch to discuss concrete topics! 

You can reach me at d.dellanna@uu.nl and find more information about me on my website.

On my website you can also find various resources that resulted from my research projects, including open source software and supplementary material to my publications.