Mr. Charlie Blunden

PhD Candidate
Ethiek Instituut



Scholarly publications

Klenk, M., O'Neill, E., Arora, C., Blunden, C., Eriksen, C., Frank, L., & Hopster, J. (2022). Recent Work on Moral Revolutions. Analysis (United Kingdom), 82(2), 354-366.
Hopster, J., Arora, C., Blunden, C., Eriksen, C., Frank, L., Hermann, J., Klenk, M., O'Neill, E., & Steinert, S. (2022). Pistols, Pills, Pork and Ploughs: The Structure of Technomoral Revolutions. Inquiry, 00, 1-33.
Blunden, C. (2022). Between Market Failures and Justice Failures: Trade-Offs Between Efficiency and Equality in Business Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 178, 647–660.
Blunden, C. T., Rehren, P., & Sauer, H. C. (2022). Implicit Cognition, Dual Process Theory, and Moral Judgment. In R. J. Thompson (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy and Implicit Cognition (pp. 105-114). (Routledge Handbooks in Philosophy). Routledge.


Scholarly publications

Eriksen, C., Sauer, H., Blunden, C., & Rehren, P. (2021). Moral Progress: Recent Developments. Philosophy Compass, 16(10), 1-10. [e12769].

Popularising publications

Blunden, C. (Author). (2021). Vindicating Moral Progress?. Web publication/site, Blog of the American Philosophical Association.