Dr. Colin Caret

Assistant Professor
Theoretical Philosophy



Bounding Belief: the problem of logical omniscience and the value of logical modelingColin Caret (Invited speaker)
7 Jul 2023
, Bounded Rationality, Imperfect Data, and Trust: Perspectives from Social and Formal Epistemology
Live Options and Logical PossibilitiesColin Caret (Invited speaker)
7 Jun 2023
, Issues on the (Im)Possible IX
Pluralism in Logic and MathsColin Caret (Invited speaker)
1 Mar 2023


Uniformity and Impossible WorldsColin Caret (Invited speaker)
17 Oct 2022
, Tilburg Issues on the (Im)possible


Simple Logics of Indeterminate Epistemic ClosureColin Caret (Invited speaker)
29 Sept 2021
, Logica 2021


"Between Omniscience and Ignorance"Colin Caret (Invited speaker)
16 Apr 2020
"Disagreement About Logic"Colin Caret (Invited speaker)
18 Feb 2020
Indeterminacy and UnderdeterminationColin Caret (Participant)
24 Jan 202026 Jan 2020


Conference for Philosophy of Science and Formal Methods in Philosophy of the Polish Association for Logic and Philosophy of ScienceColin Caret (Participant)
5 Dec 2019
The Logic of Paradox, after 40 yearsColin Caret (Participant)
27 Nov 2019