Dr. Chris Janssen

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer H0.52
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Chris Janssen

Associate Professor
Experimental Psychology
+31 30 253 4582

How do humans interact with AI and technology in mobility settings? How can we make this even better?


I am interested in understanding adaptive human behavior and human-automation interaction, especially in the mobility domain. How do cognitive characteristics, task characteristics, and context shape human behavior and performance? And how well can people optimize their performance given these constraints? Of particular interest are human behavior in mobility settings, and are phenomena such as multitasking, distraction and attention, and interaction with automated systems such as autonomous cars. I investigate these research topics together with students and colleagues at the Division of Experimental Psychology (in Dutch) at Utrecht University. I am also co-director of the ICAI lab on AI and mobility lab, a cross-disciplinary lab where we collaborate with non-academic partners on research at the intersection of AI and mobility. 
My research uses a combination of empirical studies and computational modeling and computer simulations. I contribute both to theory and to applied settings. For the more applied components, I collaborate and publish with colleagues in industry and government institutes.


My research has received funding from a.o. NWO, European Union, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Rijkswaterstaat, TNO, and Utrecht University.


My teaching takes place in various programs, in particular artificial intelligence (BSc and MSc) and psychology (BSc & MSc).

Administratieve duties:

  • (as of  2021) Education coordinator of the division of Experimental Psychology
  • (as of 2022) Steering Committee ACM SIGCHI Automotive UI
  • (as of  2019) Chair of special interest group within Human-centered AI Focus area
  • (as of 2016) Associate editor of International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
  • (as of 2022) Associate editor of Human Computer Interaction
  • (2016-2021) Board of the MSc program Artificial Intelligence
  • (2015-2016) Coordinator "Cognitive Processing track" for the research Master Artificial Intelligence
  • (2015-2021) member of the study programm committee BSc Artificial Intelligence


More information can be found on my personal website: