Carien Mol MSc
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My name is Carien Mol and I am a PhD candidate of Cognitive Neurobiology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where I am studying song memory and production in zebra finches. My background is in biology. During my bachelors research project, which was about vocalizations in marine mammals, I became interested in animal behavior, bioacoustics and biolinguistics. Bioacoustics is the research field that concerns vocalizations and sounds of animals, in biolinguistics these animal vocalizations are compared with human language and speech. During my master I did a research project in which I studied tutor song recognition in zebra finches in the Cognitive Neurobiology group of Prof. dr. Johan Bolhuis at Utrecht University. The second research project during my masters was about echolocation in free-flying bats in the bioacoustics group of Prof. Annemarie Surlykke at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense. In June 2014 I started as a PhD candidate in the Cognitive Neurobiology group of Prof. dr. Johan Bolhuis. My main interest are the acoustics and behavioral mechanisms of birdsong memory, recognition and production, where I am focusing on song learning in songbirds in parallel with human speech acquisition.

If you are interested in my work or you want to do a research project, please e-mail me or visit me in the Kruyt building.

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