dr. Caroline Junge
Assistant Professor
Psychology - Experimental Psychology
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Caroline Junge examines the factors that play a role in early development. Part of her research focuses on whether a familiar voice (such as the child's mother) facilitates early word learning (personal VENI-grant fincanced by the Dutch government). She is also responsible for the neurocognitive task battery in the grand-scale infant and pre-adolescent cohort studies from the Consortium Individual Development (CID), in wich she focuses on the development of social competence.

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
ter Schure, S. M M, Junge, C. M M & Boersma, P. P G (01.05.2016). Semantics guide infants' vowel learning: Computational and experimental evidence. Infant Behavior and Development, 43, (pp. 44-57) (14 p.).
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Junge, Caroline & Cutler, Anne (24.10.2014). Early word recognition and later language skill. Brain Sciences, 4 (4), (pp. 532-559) (28 p.).
Cristia, Alejandrina, Seidl, Amanda, Junge, Caroline, Soderstrom, Melanie & Hagoort, Peter (2014). Predicting Individual Variation in Language From Infant Speech Perception Measures. Child Development, 85 (4), (pp. 1330-1345) (16 p.).
Junge, Caroline, Cutler, Anne & Hagoort, Peter (2014). Successful Word Recognition by 10-Month-Olds Given Continuous Speech Both at Initial Exposure and Test. Infancy, 19 (2), (pp. 179-193) (15 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Kooijman, Valesca, Junge, Caroline, Johnson, Elizabeth K., Hagoort, Peter & Cutler, Anne (08.02.2013). Predictive brain signals of linguistic development. Frontiers in Psychology, 4 (13 p.).
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Junge, Caroline, Cutler, Anne & Hagoort, Peter (2012). Electrophysiological evidence of early word learning. Neuropsychologia, 50 (14), (pp. 3702-3712) (11 p.).
Junge, Caroline, Kooijman, Valesca, Hagoort, Peter & Cutler, Anne (2012). Rapid recognition at 10 months as a predictor of language development. Developmental Science, 15 (4), (pp. 463-473) (11 p.).
  2011 - Scholarly publications
Junge, Caroline (2011). The relevance of early word recognition - Insights from the infant brain. (272 p.). Nijmegen: Ipskamp, Thesis.
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Currently dr. Caroline Junge teaches the following course(s):
TL3V14105 Tlc-Ontwikkeling: taal en cognitie V 3 7.5
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Full name
dr. C.M.M. Junge Contact details
Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw

Heidelberglaan 1
Room H066
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 1266
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