C.M.E. (Cécile) Alsbach

PhD Candidate
Global Ecohydrology and Sustainability

I work as a PhD at the Copernicus Insitute for Sustainable Development. I am part of a national project called RESHAPE, which aims to make Dutch sand landscapes climate resilient. More precisely, I look at water quality, how that will be affected under climate change, and which nature-inspired solutions can be applied to maintain and/or improve water quality, even as the climate changes.

For my master's I studied the effects of gull presence on soil chemistry on Texel Island. I also compiled a literature review on geodiversity in the Amazon, combined with a meta-analysis of global diversity maps. This research has been published by now (see "Publications" tab).

Next to my job as a PhD, I am also involved in the board of the International Biogeography Society as student-at-large.