dr. Chris Paffen
Associate Professor
Psychology - Experimental Psychology
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Chris Paffen is an Associate Professor who was trained in Experimental Psychology, Psychophysics and Vision Science. He is particularly interested in aspects of visual perception, such as bistable perception, visual attention, and the perception of time.

Chris teaches both at the undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate level (MSc and PhD). His teaching expertise is in the field of cognitive psychology (giving lectures about consciousness, (visual) perception, attention, memory and intelligence), and experimental skills (such as programming, psychophysics and EEG).

At present, Chris coordinates the teaching efforts for the Experimental Psychology division.

Scientific expertise
Vision Science
time perception
Experimental psychology
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All publications
  2018 - Scholarly publications
Maarseveen, J., Hogendoorn, J.H.A., Verstraten, F.A.J. & Paffen, C.L.E. (2018). Attention Gates the Selective Encoding of Duration. Scientific Reports, 8, (pp. 1-8) (8 p.).
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  2017 - Scholarly publications
Maarseveen, Jim, Hogendoorn, Hinze, Verstraten, Frans A J & Paffen, C.L.E. (2017). An Investigation of the Spatial Selectivity of the Duration After-Effect. Vision Research, 130, (pp. 67-75) (9 p.). Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd..
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  2016 - Scholarly publications
Klein, Barrie P, Paffen, Chris L E, te Pas, Susan F & Dumoulin, Serge O (2016). Predicting bias in perceived position using attention field models. Journal of Vision, 16 (7).
Gayet, Surya, Paffen, Chris L E, Belopolsky, Artem V, Theeuwes, Jan & Van der Stigchel, Stefan (2016). Visual input signaling threat gains preferential access to awareness in a breaking continuous flash suppression paradigm. Cognition, 149, (pp. 77-83) (7 p.). Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved..
Gayet, Surya, van Maanen, Leendert, Heilbron, Micha, Paffen, Chris L E & Van der Stigchel, Stefan (01.09.2016). Visual input that matches the content of visual working memory requires less (not faster) evidence sampling to reach conscious access. Journal of Vision, 16 (11).
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Gayet, Surya, Brascamp, Jan W., Van der Stigchel, Stefan & Paffen, Chris L E (2015). Cogito ergo video - Task-relevant information is involuntarily boosted into awareness. Journal of Vision, 15 (5), (pp. 1-18) (18 p.).
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  2014 - Scholarly publications
Gayet, Surya, Van Der Stigchel, Stefan & Paffen, Chris L E (01.01.2014). Breaking continuous flash suppression - Competing for consciousness on the pre-semantic battlefield. Frontiers in Psychology, 5 (MAY).
Stuit, Sjoerd M., Paffen, Chris L E, Van Der Smagt, Maarten J. & Verstraten, Frans A J (02.07.2014). Image-based grouping during binocular rivalry is dictated by eye-of-origin. PLoS One, 9 (7) (12 p.).
Gayet, Surya, Van der Stigchel, Stefan & Paffen, Chris L E (01.02.2014). Seeing is believing: Utilization of subliminal symbols requires a visible relevant context. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, 76 (2), (pp. 489-507) (19 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Gayet, S., Paffen, C.L.E. & van der Stigchel, S. (11.10.2013). Information matching the content of visual working memory is prioritized for conscious access. Psychological Science, 24 (12), (pp. 2472-2480) (9 p.).
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Paffen, C.L.E., Hessels, R.S. & Van der Stigchel, S. (2012). Interocular conflict attracts attention. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, 74, (pp. 251-256) (6 p.).
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  2011 - Scholarly publications
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  2010 - Scholarly publications
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  2009 - Scholarly publications
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  2008 - Scholarly publications
Paffen, C.L.E., Verstraten, F.A.J. & Vidnyánszky, Z. (2008). Attention-based perceptual learning increases binocular rivalry suppression of irrelevant visual features. Journal of Vision, 8 (4), (pp. 1-11) (11 p.).
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  2007 - Scholarly publications
Knapen, T.H.J., Paffen, C.L.E., Kanai, R. & van Ee, R. (2007). Stimulus flicker alters interocular grouping during binocular rivalry. Vision Research, 47 (1), (pp. 1-7) (7 p.).
  2006 - Scholarly publications
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  2005 - Scholarly publications
Paffen, C.L.E., Van der Smagt, M.J., Te Pas, S.F. & Verstraten, F.A.J. (2005). Center-surround inhibition and facilitation as a function of size and contrast at multiple levels of visual motion processing. Journal of Vision, 5, (pp. 571-578) (8 p.).
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  2004 - Scholarly publications
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