Dr. John Koslovsky

Affiliate Researcher


Felix Salzer and the Making of American Schenkerism (in progress)

ed. (with Michiel Schuijer), Music Performance Encounters: Collaborations and Confrontations (Routledge, forthcoming)

“From Sinn und Wesen to Structural Hearing: The Development of Felix Salzer’s Ideas in Interwar Vienna and their Transmission in Postwar United States” (Ph.D. dissertation, Eastman School of Music, 2009).


Article Publications

"The Art of Modulating, Preludizing, and Fantasizing: Schenker’s Thoughts about Keys and Key Change Reconsidered." Orfeu (forthcoming). Co-authored with Matthew Brown.

Review article of Eric Wen, "Graphic Music Analysis: An Introduction to Schenkerian Theory and Practice"; and "Structurally Sound: Seven Musical Masterworks Deconstructed." Music Analysis (forthcoming).

“Tristan und Isolde at the Margins of Music-Analytical Discourse: A Dialogic Perspective.” Music Theory & Analysis 8/1 (2021): 88-112.

“Schenkerizing Tristan, Past and Present.” Journal of Schenkerian Studies 12 (2019): 1-54.

“Heinrich Schenker, Walter Dahms, and the Music of the South.” Journal of Musicology 34/3 (2017): 391-431.

“Mendelssohn, Venetianisches Gondellied, Op. 30, No. 6: Perceptual Transparency, Layers of Ambiguity.” Theoria 17/8 (2016): 11-24.

“The Contrapuntal Legacy of the French fin-de-siècle: A Look at Dukas’s Piano Sonata in E-flat Minor.” Intégral 30 (2016): 129-52. Co-authored with Matthew Brown.

“Schenker, the Schenkerians, and the ‘Concept of Tonality.’” GAMUT 7/1 (2014): 147-77.

“Timeless Reflections: Form, Cadence, and Tonal Structure in the Scherzo and Finale of Schubert’s Quintet in C major, D. 956.” Music Analysis 33/2 (2014): 168-193.

“Tonal Prolongations in Bartók’s Hungarian Folktunes for violin and piano.” Theory and Practice 37/38 (2012-13): 1-45.

“History and Tonal Coherence in Debussy’s ‘La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin’ and ‘Bruyères.’” Revista di Analisi e Teoria Musicale 18/2 (2012): 35-53. Co-authored with Matthew Brown.

“Hold that Note! Teaching the Pedal Point.” Dutch Journal of Music Theory 17/1 (2012): 59-67.

“Tracing the Improvisatory Impulse in Early Schenkerian Theory.” Intégral 24 (2010): 57-79.

“Primäre Klangformen, Linearität, oder Auskomponierung?: The analysis of medieval polyphony and the critique of musicology in the early work of Felix Salzer.” Journal of Schenkerian Studies 4 (2010): 187-206.

“Historic Proportions: A look at Felix Salzer’s historical narrative and two analyses of Ockeghem’s Je n’ay dueil.” Dutch Journal of Music Theory 15/1 (2010): 59-67.


Book Chapters

“Postmodernity and (Neo-)Schenkerism: Recovering a plurality of critical contexts.” In Postmodernity’s Musical Pasts, ed. by Tina Frühauf. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Boydell & Brewer, 119-137.

“Johannes Messchaert and Performance.” In Heinrich Schenker: Selected Correspondence, ed. by Ian Bent, David Bretherton, and William Drabkin (Woodbridge, Suffolk UK: Boydell Press), 44-52.

“Fighting the Propaganda War: Walter Dahms.” In Heinrich Schenker: Selected Correspondence, ed. by Ian Bent, David Bretherton, and William Drabkin (Woodbridge, Suffolk UK: Boydell Press), 326-349.


Reviews and Reports

Critical introduction to “Der wahre Vortrag,” by Heinrich Schenker. Lexikon Musiktheorie/Musikästhetik, Band 2. Stuttgart: Bärenreiter (forthcoming).

Review of Explorations in Schenkerian Analysis, ed. by David Beach and Su-Yin Mak. Music & Letters 99/1 (2018): 130-133.

Review of Essays from the Fourth International Schenker Symposium, vol. 2. Dutch Journal of Music Theory (in progress).

“Conference Report: Fifth International Schenker Symposium.” Music Theory Online 19/2 (2013).

Review of Harmony in Schubert, by David Damschroder. Dutch Journal of Music Theory 17/3 (2012): 181-189.

Transcriptions and Translations of Johannes Messchaert correspondence with Heinrich Schenker. “Schenker Documents Online.” schenkerdocumentsonline.org (2013).

Transcriptions and Translations of Walter Dahms correspondence with Heinrich Schenker. “Schenker Documents Online.” schenkerdocumentsonline.org (2009-2012).

Finding Aid and Introduction to “The Felix Salzer Papers at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.” http://www.nypl.org/ead/2898 (September 2007).

English translation of Grabócz, Márta. “Stylistic Evolution in Mozart’s Symphonic Slow Movements: The Discursive-Passionate Schema.” Intégral 20 (2006): 105-129.



Moscow, Russia: European Music Analysis Conference, keynote panel session, September 2021

Newcastle, U.K.: Society for Music Analysis, Musical Form Conference, June 2021

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Meeting of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, March 2020

Zagreb, Croatia: Guest residency, Academy for Music, November 2019

San Antonio, TX: Joint Meeting of the Society for Music Theory and American Musicological Society, November 2018

Freiburg, Germany: Hochschule für Musik, April 2017

Leipzig, Germany: Joint Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie and Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, March 2017

Zagreb, Croatia: Croatian Society for Music Theory, invited workshop, October 2015

New York, NY: CUNY Graduate Center, March 2015

New York, NY: Mannes College of Music Schenker Symposium, March 2013

Utrecht, The Netherlands: Utrecht University Musicology Colloquium, Nov. 2012

New Orleans, LA: Joint Meeting of the AMS, SMT, and SEM, November 2012

London, England: Meeting of the Society for Music Analyis, September 2012

Zagreb, Croatia: Croatian Society of Music Theory, October 2011

Maynooth, Ireland: International Schubert Conference, October 2011

Rome, Italy: European Music Analysis Conference, September 2011

Enschede, The Netherlands: Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, March 2011

Indianapolis, IN: Joint Meeting of the AMS and SMT, November 2010

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, March 2010

New York, NY: Music Theory Society of New York State, April 2010

Leuven, Belgium: Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, February 2009

Nashville, TN: Joint Meeting of the AMS and SMT, November 2008

Cambridge, England: Theory and Analysis Graduate Symposium, May 2008

Freiburg, Germany: European Music Analysis Conference, October 2007