Mr. dr. C.J.W. (Jaap) Baaij

Mr. dr. C.J.W. (Jaap) Baaij

Associate Professor
Molengraaff Institute for Private Law

Cornelis J.W. (Jaap) Baaij is an interdisciplinary scholar specializing in the use of contract law to address social issues. He holds dual PhDs from Yale Law School (contract law & arbitration) and the University of Amsterdam (European contract law, cum laude).

Jaap's research explores the critical role of contracts and contract law in driving positive change. At the Montaigne Center for the Rule of Law and Justice, his research focuses on enhancing sustainability in global trade through commercial contracts and empowering consumers in the energy transition through contract design.

Jaap has extensive teaching experience in Europe and the United States, covering contract law, private law theory, commercial arbitration, and corporate social responsibility. He held visiting positions at institutions like Columbia Law School and the National University of Singapore. Additionally, he has delivered guest lectures at Yale and Princeton, among others.

Jaap's international work appears in journals like the Harvard International Law Journal and King's Law Journal and in books published by Oxford University Press and Kluwer Law International. His approach blends legal theory with quantitative research, political theory, social sciences, and philosophy of language.