Christophe started working as a translation (technology) specialist at different companies in the translation industry (Blondé, Yamagata Europe, Decathlon) and as a freelance translator (sports, science, socio-cultural history, short stories). With industry experience in translation, translation technology and localisation, Christophe started teaching on those subjects at Imperial College London first and University College next (where has was senior lecturer between 2017 and 2022), but later also at Lille LEA III, the University of Antwerp, KULeuven (Brussels Campus) and the Free University of Brussels (VUB). With this combined practice/education background, Christophe worked as an expert-evaluator for language technology funding applications the European Commission for ten years (DG CNECT, INEA), was a board member of LIND for ten years as well, and has been part of successful EMT network applications from three different universities.

After his Ph.D. (Imperial College London) on the linguistic and socio-cultural identity of a temporary displacement, Christophe has moved into the domain of cross-cultural communication at times of conflict, either in a historic setting (including three books on Languages and the First World War, co-edited with Julian Walker, Palgrave-MacMillan 2016, Bloomsbury 2021) or in a contemporary setting (including Intercultural Crisis Communication: Translating, Interpreting and Languages in Local Crises, co-edited with Federico Federici, Bloomsbury 2019). During the Centenary of the First World War, several outreach projects on Belgian refugees at the time were valorised by the media (BBC and VRT). With Koen Kerremans he is preparing the Routledge Handbook of Translation, Interpreting and Crisis (2023), with Gys-Walt van Egdom (UU) a special issue of Tradumatica on literary translation and language automation.