Prof. dr. C.J. (Casper) Erkelens

Emeritus Professor
Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology
+31 30 253 4053

Binocular perception results from teamwork of three neural processes: 1) binocular fusion, which integrates the two retinal images into a single percept, 2) stereopsis, which translates small positional differences between the two retinal images into depth, and 3) control of binocular eye movement, which facilitates corresponding image elements to be imaged near corresponding retinal positions. Initially, my research was devoted to describing and understanding binocular eye movements. Later, my research interest progressively expanded to the fusion and stereopsis processes and their relationship to eye movements. Currently, I work on conflicts between binocular and monocular vision that arise when 3D scenes are imaged on 2D media such as paper, canvas and the various kinds of (projection) screens.

Retirement lecture 15.10.2015
Physics of man
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