Drs. C.I. (Caroline) Rutten

Hans Freudenthalgebouw
Budapestlaan 6
3584 CD Utrecht

Drs. C.I. (Caroline) Rutten

HR Adviser
HR Algemeen
HR Advies
+31 6 20 234 520

Within the Faculty of Science, one of our recruitment team colleagues ideally is involved from day one with foreseeable vacancies. Do you have a position to fill? If so, we'll set up a meeting: we'll discuss the profile requirements and we'll advise on the right route to take. Is the recruitment process new to you? Then we spend extra time explaining the processes. We also point out the importance of clear planning. How long is the vacancy open, when can the first interviews take place, and is everyone involved and informed?

As your business partner, we ensure a flawless and efficient recruitment process in which we advise and support you in your role as a hiring manager.

Some of our activities
  • We sharpen your vacancy text(s).
  • We think about the best recruitment channels and platforms to post the vacancy on. For this, we also consult our media consultancy bureau and fellow recruiters within the university.
  • We proactively monitor the response to a vacancy. If the number of applicants is dissappointing, we will inform you and make adjustments where possible.
  • We ensure that our candidates and fucture colleagues experience a positive candidate journey with us.
Fundamental Connection campaign
With the Fundamental Connection campaign, we aim to attract talented scientific personnel. We also updated our recruitment process to recruit and onboard the best colleagues as smoothly as possible. The campaign emphasizes that some connections are fundamental. Every one of us plays a vital role in connecting research and education; the university and our partners; students and ideas. To make the Faculty of Science the best it can be, we need more fundamental connections. Our campaign involves among others a ‘Working at the Faculty’ site, an online campaign, in-depth testimonials from existing staff, attractive exhibition- and other persuasive materials. Each vacancy has its own URL, so from now on you can easily share them in your network. Take a look at www.uu.nl/science/careers.


You can reach our recruitment team via: science.recruitment@uu.nl.

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