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Curriculum vitae


September 2013 – August 2015: Master in Nanomaterials: Chemistry & Physics (Honours)
Institute: Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Master thesis: ‘Using X-ray spectroscopy to study the reduction and oxidation sensitivity of cobalt and nickel promoter species in conventional HDS catalysts.’
Research group: Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis, Utrecht University 
Supervisor: Prof. dr. F.M.F. de Groot

Internship: ‘A study of the composition of the electric double layer in battery electrolytes with applied voltage’.
Research group: Cuk group, University of California, Berkeley
Supervisor: Dr. T. Cuk

September 2010 − July 2013 Bachelor in Chemistry
Institute: Utrecht University 
Bachelor thesis: ‘Improving the stability in the methanol synthesis reaction; The impact of drying conditions on the copper particle distribution in a silica-supported copper catalyst.’
Research group: Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis, Utrecht University 
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. P.E. de Jongh

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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
van Oversteeg, Christina H M, Doan, Hoang Q, de Groot, Frank M F & Cuk, Tanja (11.11.2016). In situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy of transition metal based water oxidation catalysts. Chemical Society Reviews, 46, (pp. 102-125) (24 p.).
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