Prof. dr. Cor Langereis

Remise Fort Hoofddijk 1
Budapestlaan 17
Kamer 0
3584 CD Utrecht

Prof. dr. Cor Langereis

Emeritus Professor

Cor Langereis is the former Head of the Paleomagnetic Laboratory Fort Hoofddijk of the Department of Sciences, Utrecht University (The Netherlands). His research interests cover nearly all fields of paleomagnetism, but in particular the acquisition of reliable and detailed records of the geomagnetic field at all time scales, which serves to understand the past magnetic field of our planet Earth. This work includes paleosecular variation studies – from recent periods (archaeomagnetism), during periods when the field did not reverse (superchrons) - and properties of the earliest field more than 3 billions of years ago.

An important expertise of the research group is building high resolution and accurate time scales, using magnetostratigraphy and astrochronology (cyclostratigraphy), based on correlation to astronomical solutions of past changes in the Earth’s orbit and rotation.

Another key interest concerns geodynamic/tectonic studies, at different spatial and temporal scales and on several continents, but with an emphasis on the Alpine-Himalayan mountain belt. This includes the Mediterranean, Paratethys and Himalayan areas as one of the most active tectonic regions in the world.


The Paleomagnetic Laboratory Fort Hoofddijk

Fieldwork in the Talysh of Azerbaijan (2013)
Geophysics professor (Paleomagnetism)
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