Dr. C.E. (Claudia) Wieners

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Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. C.E. (Claudia) Wieners

Assistant Professor
Physical Oceanography

Master and Bachelor students interested in a thesis about Solar Geoengineering, High-resolution modelling, and complexity in (climate) economics are very welcome to make contact! 

For an impression on possible projects, see the list of previous and ongoing projects below, and the description of my research on the profile page


Past and ongoing theses


2022-23: Master student  Fiona Román de Miguel, Climate impacts of "emergency brake" vs gradual SRM implementation 

2022-23: Master student Ben Romero-Wilcock: Dealing with uncertain climate sensitiviy - and learning thereof - in een agent-based model of climate economics (DSK model, Lamperti et al)

2021-2022: Master student Socorro Rodrigo: Effect of model resolution on simulating the Indonesian Throughflow in HighResMIP-data

2021: Bachelor student Iris Schuring (Amsterdam): Effect of Solar Geoengineering on ocean temperature (and hence ice melt) around Antarctica in GeoMIP data. 

2021: Bachelor student Cathalijne Hupkens: Solar Geoengineering an improved version if the DICE-model - effect of uncertainty and learning of climate sensitivity on optimal policy 

2021: Bachelor students Erwin Kemper and Fons Jongema: Solar Geoengineering in an improved version of the DICE-model - effect of (enduring) uncertainty in climate sensitivity, and effect of competing interests among regions

2020-21: Master student Andrea di Benedetto: Influence of free media choice in an agent-based voter model

2018-2019: MSc students Niek Collot d'Escury and Bárbara Dos Santos Cardoso Delgado, working on the climate impact of sulphate geoengineering (especially on hurricane statistics and Merdional Overturning).

2017-2018:  MSc student Koen Helwegen, working on a cost-benefit-analysis of geoengineering in the DICE model.

2016:  BSc student Inge van Tongeren in a project on the impact of state-dependent noise on El Niño.