Dr. C.E. (Claudia) Wieners

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Dr. C.E. (Claudia) Wieners

Assistant Professor
Physical Oceanography

In the last few years I have participated in numerous public engagement and science communication events: 

Open letter about the need for  SRM research

"Solar radiation modification is risky, but so is rejecting it: a call for balanced research". See the website for the list of signatories (by now ≈140 scholars from 6 continents) en media reactions. 

Public Engagement

  • Juli 2022: spreker tijdens expert meeting over Solar Radiation Management voor de Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Regeringsbeleid 
  • Sept. 2022: spreker en lid discussiepanel tijdens een workshop voor het Duitse Umweltbundesamt (planbureau voor milieu) 
  • Jan. 2023 - nu: medeauteur "The State of Tipping Points report 2023" (toestand van kantelpunten - verslag 2023), sectie over beleid. 

Media appearances 

  • Nov. 2021: Podcast at "door weer en wind" over SRM
  • May 2021: Radio interview at Omroep Max over SRM 
  • Sept 2021: TV documentary about SRM in de series "de kennis van nu" (the knowledge of now) (NPO2) 
  • June 2022: Podcast at "2DOC", over SRM 
  • Sept 2022: Interview "Nacht van NTR
  • Nov 2023: Podcast at Climate Now - discussion with 5 expert on the need (or not) of SRM research

Newspaper artikels/interviews 

Over the last few years I have given 10 interviews with Dutch and occasionally foreign newspapers (e.g., NRC)  and popular science magazines (KIJK, New Scientists), mostly about Solar Radiation Management.

An extensive double interview together with SRM-sceptic Jeroen Oomen (at NRC, translated to English) is here. An article on Project Syndicate, co-written with other authors of the open letter, is here

Openbare presentaties 

  • July 2019:  guest scientist (SRM) with "de Futuristen" (NUT) at the OEROL festival 
  • September 2020: UU Studium Generale science café about weather, climate and SRM 
  • July 2021: Children's lecture on sea level rise at Museum Gouda
  • February 2022: Children's lecture on sea level rise for KinderCollege Karlsruhe (Duitsland)
  • September 2022: speaker at UU Betweterfestival 
  • October 2022: lecture at public astronomic observatory Bussloo 

Other activities