Corine Buers, MSc, is a PhD student and junior lectorer at the Utrecht University School of Governance. Her current research focuses on the school-to-work transition and early career of young adults with intermediate vocational education. Specifically, she focusses on explaining the variation in young adults’ early career by looking at the interplay between young adults and organizations that employ them.

Furthmore, research interest includes: labour market issues, employers’ behaviour towards (younger) workers, career development, strategic Human Resource Management and the role of line managers in implementing HR practices.

She received her M.A. in Sociology (2008) and Social Policy and Social Interventions (2010) from respectively the Radboud University Nijmegen and Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Before starting ther PhD, she worked as a researcher on questionnaire development and health-related issues.

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  • Buers, C.C.E., Triemstra, M., Bloemendal, E., Zwijnenberg, N.C., Hendriks, M. & Delnoij, D.M.J. (2013). The Value of cognitive interviewing for optimizing a patient experience survey. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, DOI:10.1080/13645579.2012.75083
  • Buers, C.C.E. (2011). Het geheim van arbeidstevredenheid. Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken, 65, 3, pp 24-27
  • Buers, C.C.E., Nicolaou, M., Kraaykamp, G.L.M. & Stronks, K. Ethnic differences in overweight. A study of the influence of socio-economic, lifestyle and cultural factors in an urban multi-ethnic sample of young adults in the Netherlands. In: Obesity Facts , The European Journal of Obesity. European Congress of Obesity 2009 (ECO, 2009), Amsterdam, May 6-9, 2009: Book of abstracts. Freiburg: Karger, 2009. p. 97.
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The School2Work project aims to explain the variation in the extent to which MBO graduates appear to be able to turn their first job into a basis for sustainable labour participation.

My PhD research focuses on the role of employers’ behaviour for the attainments of MBO graduates. More specifically, I’m examining how individual and organizational characteristics jointly explain differences in the early employment career of MBO graduates.

The Transition from School to the Labour Market: Laying the Foundations for Lasting Labour Participation
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Utrecht University
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Secretary Dutch HRM Network


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The Netherlands

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