I'm an Assistant Professor (UD) at the Department of Language, Literature and Communication (TLC) of Utrecht University. My research is embedded within the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics.



Time in translation (2017-2021, NWO-Free Competition, with Henriëtte de Swart, 750k)

The semantics and acquisition of referentiality (2014-2017, NWO-VENI, 250k)

Research Profile:

I'm a semanticist specializing in cross-linguistic variation with a keen interest in second language acquisition. My expertise lies in the domains of referentiality and tense/aspect. The methods I use include corpus as well as experimental (offline) methodologies.

Translation Mining:
Within the Time in Translation project, I developed the Translation Mining methodology in collaboration with the other project members. If you're interested, make sure to have a look at the materials of the ESSLLI2022 course on Translation Mining and at the demo of the Translation Mining interface.
Knowledge Utilization:
As a member of the Meesterschapsteam MVT, I'm committed to promoting research at the intersection of language studies (general and applied linguistics, literature and culture) and second language didactics.