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Professional Publications 

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Scholarly Publications

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Popularizing Activities 

Mutsvairo B. (2023) Invited Keynote. What Platforms mean for the Southern news industry: Global Perspectives on Platforms: Emerging Perspectives on Platforms and the News Industry. University of Amsterdam (18 July)


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Popularizing Publications

Skare Orgeret K and Mutsvairo B. (2022). Media polarisation risks press freedom and peace in conflict-hit Mali and Ethiopia (The Guardian 10 May)


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Popularizing Activities 

Mutsvairo B. (2022). Invited Keynote.  Policing in the age of "Fake News." Pearls in Policing Conference. Nederlandse politie, The Hague (December 9)


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Professional Publications 

Mutsvairo B. (2021). New Wine Into Old Wineskins ? Appraising Access to Information in Zimbabwe. Harare: Zimbabwe. Media Alliance of Zimbabwe. 


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Other Results

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Popularizing Activities 

Mutsvairo. B. (2021). Invited Keynote.  Deconstructing Failure. Commencement address. Graduating Class of 2021 (Spring), University College Utrecht. (18 December)


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Professional Publications

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Popularizing Activities

Mutsvairo. (2020). Rethinking Digital Futures. Palgrave Virtual Humanities Festival London, UK (17 November via Zoom).


Mutsvairo B (2020). Conducting Research at International Level: Lessons for Scholars in the Global South. Research Workshop for Early Career Researchers. Department of Media and Society Studies, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe (12 March).


Professional Publications

Mutsvairo B. (2020). Social Media Alone Can’t Save Democracy in Zimbabwe. (Mail and Guardian, 17 August).



Scholarly Publications

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Popularizing Activities

Mutsvairo B. (2019). Invited Keynote Theorizing Digital Engagement in Africa? Digital Media, Civic Engagement and Global Platforms. International Conference of the African Council for Communication Education (ACCE). (National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria (24 October).


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Popularizing Activities 

Mutsvairo B. (2018). Invited Keynote. Threat or Opportunity? Appraising the Role of Social Media in “Transforming” Societies in Africa? International Conference on Social Media (University of Zimbabwe, 11-13 July).


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Populariserende publicaties

Mutsvairo B. (2017). With Robert Mugabe gone, Zimbabwe has another chance to achieve greatness (Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November)


Other Results

Mutsvairo B. (2017). Review of Jane Duncan: A Protest Nation: The Right to Protest in South Africa. African Journalism Studies  38 (3) 1-3.



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Popularizing Publications

Mutsvairo B. (2016). Why journalistic ‘balance’ is failing the public, (The Conversation, 25 November).


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Scholarly Publications

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Other Results

Mutsvairo B. (2015). Review of Herman Wasserman: Press Freedom in Africa: Comparative perspectives. African Journalism Studies 36 (3) 138-141.



Scholarly  Publications

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Other Results

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Popularizing Publications

Mutsvairo B. Ja, blijf Mugabe flink pesten, dat heeft echt zin. (NRC Handelsblad, 21 February).