Dr. Britta Ricker

Assistant Professor
Global Ecohydrology and Sustainability

Through my research, I aim to illuminate techniques to make tools associated with Geographic Information Science (GIScience) more accessible to diverse audiences. With the proliferation and increased accessibility of spatial technologies comes seemingly endless opportunities to collect and share spatial data contributing to big data. As a GIScience researcher, I seek to identify new ways in which to visualize and understand these big data in an interactive fashion. I strive to investigate and test accessible methods of capturing and visualizing spatial data interactively. I am experimenting with new, low-cost, accessible technologies in an effort to enhance existing map-making techniques. Currently, my research focuses on monitoring and communicating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and making maps using SDG indicator data. I co-authored an open access book called "Mapping for a Sustainable World" which can be downloaded here

Additionally, I am a voting representative for the Netherlands to the International Cartographic Association where I am the Chair of the Commission of Cartography and Sustainable Development https://carto-sd.icaci.org/  

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